Prices for all sizes.


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1 holiday rental

£20.00 per month + VAT

Our Feature pack included


up to 5
holiday rentals

£36.00 per month + VAT

up to 10
holiday rentals

£55.00 per month + VAT

up to 20
holiday rentals

£65.00 per month + VAT

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Available as Bolt-ons

Something you really need from a higher package? Bolt it on.


Booking Insights

The ultimate management tool for in-depth business analysis.

Included with Agency.

Bolt on for£25.00per month

Owner Statements

Help owners by providing an automatic monthly statement and invoice.

Included with Agency. Available as a Bolt-on for Solo and Pro customers.

Bolt on for£25.00per month
Yield Management New

Yield Management reduction of prices

Fill empty properties by applying discounts as the arrival date approaches.

Included with Pro and Agency. Available as a Bolt-on to the lower plans.

Bolt on for£25.00per month

White Labelled Secure Domain

Booking process and Guest Area on White Labelled secure domain.

Included with Agency. For non-Agency Subscriptions there is a £15+VAT monthly charge.

Bolt on for£15.00per month

Prices quoted are for Bookster services only. If you use any 3rd party services in conjunction with Bookster they may charge you separately. *Additional charges could apply. **Use of the Channel Manager is charged at 0.83%. ***Prices in your preferred currency are shown for guidance only. You will be billed in £/GBP and your credit card company will handle currency conversions for you.