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Booking Insights

The ultimate management tool for in-depth business analysis.

Included with Agency.

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Owner Statements

Owner Statements

Help owners by providing an automatic monthly statement and invoice.

Included with Agency.Available as a Bolt-on for Solo and Pro customers.

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Yield management

Yield Management reduction of prices

Fill empty properties by applying discounts as the arrival date approaches.

Included with Pro and Agency.Available as a Bolt-on to the lower plans.

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Book Direct Toolkit - An all in one marketing and SEO toolkit to support property managers to boost the success of their websites.

Book Direct Toolkit

Send bookers to your website with SEO and marketing tools.

Included with Agency.

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Own secure booking domain

White Labelled Secure Domain

Booking process and Guest Area on White Labelled secure domain.

Included with Agency.Available as part of Agency, or as an additional Bolt-on for lower packages..

Bolt on for £15.00 per month

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