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Provide guests a world-class experience after booking.

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Provide excellent post-sales service to your guests. Provide information, receive booking payments and damage deposits in a secure log-in Guest Area.

  • Provide a professional service to your guests
  • Ensure your guests have all the pre- and post- arrival information, when they need it
  • Receive payments conveniently and securely
  • Protect your Owners property with secure access and dynamic content
  • Provide confidence to guests that they have booked all the extra services they need.

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  • Business Owner
  • Guest Liaison

Quick overview
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What does it do?

A secure online area for guests to view their booking and property details and make payments.

  • Check-in and Check-out times and Parking information
  • Property directions and Map and Access information (Viewable at all times)
  • Access information, codes and photos (Limited access for your security)
  • Property guides - House rules, emergency services, How to guides, Wifi details, Safety info
  • Property Manager contact details
  • Party details - number of guests, guest names
  • Take payments and damage deposits
  • Full breakdown of Extras, Charges and Discounts
  • Display or Hide the Mandatory Charges in the Guest Area
  • Log-in from Email Notification links and from your Bookster website, using Manage My Booking.

How it works

Hide or Display Add Ons in the Guest Area

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Additional cost?
Which plan is it availble in?
  • Free
  • Lite
  • Pro
  • Max
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
In the details tab of each Booking, there is a link to the Guest Area for that Booking
How do guests access their Guest Area?
After a booking is made, an automatic email is sent to the Guest to confirm the booking, and directs the Guest to visit their Guest area. All other automatic emails also direct the guest to this area, to make payments, to pay the deposit and 1 day before arrival to read the pre-arrival information.
Can I see a Guest Area for a booking?
Yes, enter into the Booking page, and click on the link 'View in the Guest Area'.
Does a guest always see the Access information?
Access instructions will be shown within 7 days of arrival. Access codes will be available within 3 days of arrival. Departure instructions shown during the stay. This information will not be visible after they check out of the property.
How can I provide access information before they have fully paid?
Use the section 'Pre-Arrival' to show access information that you want to display to guests at all times.
Where can Guests log in to the Guest Area?

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