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Updates, changes and new features in Bookster

  • February 2019 release notes

    The march towards getting Owner Statement out of Beta and available to all clients continued as we tested the feature with various clients.

    We also added the ability to finalise a Statement/Invoice and download in PDF format for distribution.

  • January 2019 release notes

    Mainly a preparation for moving to PHP7 and Joomla 3.9.

    Owner Invoices now display a tax component if a VAT number available.

  • December 2018 release notes

    Lots of changes in this Release! There are brand new interfaces for viewing the completeness of your property and selecting your property location by simply searching for an address as well as changes in many other areas of Bookster.

    bookster december 2018 release (© Tribalogic Limited)
  • October 2018 release notes

    Our primary focus has been creating Owner Statements for self-catering agencies within Bookster which we have made available to some select clients - more to come in the next couple of releases!

    October 2018 release notes (© Bookster)
  • September 2018 release notes

    We have pushed out another update to Bookster that includes a new availability calendar, updates to the Dashboard and lots of little fixes to make your life easier

    September 2018 release (© 2018 Tribalogic Ltd)
  • June 2018 release notes

    june 2018 release notes (© 2018 Tribalogic Limited)
  • May 2018 release notes

    bookster-may-2018 (© 2018 Tribalogic Limited)
  • April 2018 release notes

    The two major updates in this release are to provide an Booking Insights facility and bringing the number of rate bands you can use with Bookster up to eight.

  • March 2018 release notes

  • February 2018 release notes

    Release notes image (Feb, 2018) (© Tribalogic Ltd. 2018)
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