Change log
Updates, changes and new features in Bookster

  • 03


    March 2022 release notes

    Following the release of our improved Airbnb connection, we are continuing to update the connection and add more functionality for an even better experience when connecting your holiday rental in Bookster to Airbnb.

  • 03


    February 2022 release notes

    We have been working hard to improve our connection to Airbnb and now our improvements are live

  • 01


    January 2022 release notes

    The big push in this release was getting a direct connection to Vrbo up and running which is now live and available for all Bookster Property Managers on any plan to use.

  • 12


    December 2021 release notes

    While continuing to work on a couple of major integration projects we have added Two Factor Authentication to Bookster and will be encouraging more of our users to enable it over the coming months.

  • 11


    November 2021 release notes

    As we work on some major integration projects, in this release we also improved security within Bookster to help protect your data.

  • 10


    October 2021 release notes

    We have added AirDNA Smart Rates Suggestions to Bookster giving property managers a great way to compare their pricing strategy to their competitors.

  • 09


    September 2021 release notes

    This month we mostly concentrated on getting a new calendar widget out for clients with their own website.

    Drop into a website to show availability, pricing and allow booking for a single holiday rental.

    This is great news for Web Developers looking for a responsive, elegant calendar for a vacation rental client.

  • 08


    August 2021 Release Notes

    SUPERHOG is now available to Bookster clients upon request as an alternative solution to collecting and managing Damage Deposits.

  • 07


    July 2021 Release Notes

    Improvements and updates to Owner Statements were the principal focus of this release along with a number of minor updates and bug fixes

  • 06


    June 2021 release notes

    This release sees a new Template Website Theme - 'Barossa', ongoing improvements to Owner Statements as well as the constant improvements and updates to Bookster that we roll out every month for holiday rental businesses.

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