Change log
Updates, changes and new features in Bookster

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    December 2023 release notes

    We have added support for messaging on Vrbo bookings from within Bookster.

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    November 2023 release notes

    We have updated the way that Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) are processed and stored in bookings.

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    October 2023 release notes

    We focused on working on our new Universal Rates feature that allows Property Managers to defined sets of rates that can be applied to multiple properties.

  • 09


    September 2023 release notes

    We continued to improve our integrations with both Airbnb and messaging API within Bookster when using the Channel Manager.

  • 08


    August 2023 release notes

    The principal focus was to implement support for messaging with our main Channel Manager partners Airbnb and

  • 07


    July 2023 release notes

    While we continue to work away on a lovely chunky new feature, we have added support for Panoee 360 virtual tours as well as a host of other improvements.

  • 06


    June 2023 release notes

    We are working away on some large changes so a slightly 'lighter' release that improves Instant Websites with bug fixes and minor updates

  • 05


    May 2023 release notes

    We improved Bookster in many areas in this release, updating the Guest Area, Instant Websites as well as a whole load of other areas.

    A large part of our development time was taken up with something that we hope our clients will barely notice... moving the Bookster application over to a new domain.

  • 04


    April 2023 release notes

    You can now communicate the items that the Guest has booked alongside their accommodation in the Guest Area. These could be paid for or free.

  • 03


    March 2023 release notes

    This update sees more flexibility, security and some amazing new features to manage and promote your holiday rental properties.

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