Change log
Updates, changes and new features in Bookster

  • 04


    April 2021 release notes

    Use the Bookster Book Direct Toolkit to see how your website is performing in Search.

  • 03


    March 2021 release notes

    We have added the ability within Bookster to add your Matterport virtual tours. The tours will show up on properties on your Template or Custom websites.

  • 02


    February 2021 release notes

    This release encompasses any changes we made in December 2020 and January 2021 that were released in February 2021.

    We have improved where the book direct Booking Screens and Guest Area reside if you have a Bookster Website.

    They can now all exist on the exact same domain, which is more reassuring for the Guest and should improve conversion a little.

  • 12


    December 2020 Release Notes

    Bookster availability search date selection is now much more intelligent. The date picker calendars are now aware of property availability across all the properties that are being searched.

    Brilliant if you have fewer than 100 properties or if you have specific changeover days (e.g. if you only allow people to arrive and depart on a Saturday, Bookster will reflect that in the dates available to select)

  • 11


    November 2020 Release Notes

    Bookster can sync availability, prices, property details & photos plus bookings with Airbnb, in this release we spent some time improving and refining the Airbnb connection. As always, we have also pushed out a bunch of fixes and smaller improvements.

  • 10


    October 2020 release notes

    We have been testing the Airbnb connection in Bookster this last month and it is now available as an option to select as a Marketing Channel.

  • 09


    September 2020 release notes

    We have been working hard to get a connection up and running with AirBnB. In this release we allowed some of our clients to connect up to test the connection.

  • 08


    August 2020 Release Notes

    We concentrated on speeding up both Bookster and the Bookster websites that we host and maintain for our clients.

    The new Quote Booking feature formalises the process of creating a Booking for a prospective Guest that they can confirm by making a payment.

  • 07


    July 2020 Release Notes

    In June we continued to work hard behind the scenes on features that will help Bookster clients save time and get more bookings.

    However, there were still plenty of lovely changes this month.

  • 06


    June 2020 Release notes

    For this release, in anticipation for the loosening of lockdown restrictions around the world, we have been focusing on the speed of availability searching and price generation. This should give a boost to direct booking conversion as interest in booking holiday homes picks up.

    We have completely rewritten how we generate and store pricing information within Bookster to allow quicker creation of caches and much faster price & availability querying across your holiday rentals.

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