Change log
Updates, changes and new features in Bookster

  • 12


    December 2022 release notes

    The principal focus of this release has been to move Dynamic Pricing along to the point where we can release it to all of our clients.

  • 11


    November 2022 release notes

    With a Rates Editor in place that can cope with Dynamic Pricing we have pushed on with allowing Bookster Users to harness the power of AirDNA Smart Rates.

  • 09


    September 2022 release notes

    A number of changes across Bookster this month including adding Safety Certificate tracking, somewhere to add a Property Registration Number / Reference (more coming on that), various updates to the Airbnb connection and updates the booking Timeline view.

  • 08


    August 2022 release notes

    We continue to update our Channel Connections and Bookster websites.

  • 07


    July 2022 release notes

    With this release it is now possible to send message directly to Airbnb Guests. It is also possible to read and respond to Airbnb Guest Reviews.

  • 06


    June 2022 release notes

    We are working away on some larger changes to Bookster but still pushed out a raft of useful updates, principally around the Airbnb ⇄ Bookster connection, at the start of June.

  • 05


    May 2022 release notes

    We know how important it is for your Owners to be able to see their past Invoices (e.g. for tax reasons) and keep an eye on future revenue.

    Owners can now log into Bookster and view the past, present and future Invoices/Statements.

  • 04


    April 2022 release notes

    We continue to give our holiday rental clients more features and functionality.

    As well as keeping on top of the most recent updates in the payments sphere, we are pushing out additional functionality on our direct connections to Airbnb and Vrbo.

  • 03


    March 2022 release notes

    Following the release of our improved Airbnb connection, we are continuing to update the connection and add more functionality for an even better experience when connecting your holiday rental in Bookster to Airbnb.

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