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Book now button

Place "Book now" button or link onto a web page.

Bookster -> [Property name] -> Actions -> Get HTML

Calendar widget

Place an availability and booking calendar on a property page.

Bookster -> [Property name] -> Actions -> Get HTML


Add your own look and feel to the checkout process.

The colours and header image can be set to match your own branding:

Bookster -> Bookster subscription -> "Edit"


Publish availability via iCal

Use iCal to share availability of a property.

Bookster -> [Property name] -> Availability


Use this URL to programatically read the availability of any Bookster holiday rental property.

Read availability via iCal

Pull availability into Bookster using iCal calendar format.

Bookster -> [Property name] -> Availability

Each Bookster property can read an iCalendar (.ics) formatted file. Add a property specific iCalendar URL under the "availability" page for each Property.

Bookster will check the iCalendar (ics) URL:

  • periodically; and
  • before accepting a booking.

Using your own domain

Set up a Bookster Website on a custom domain.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about setting up your Bookster website on your own domain.


Submit your Bookster Website to search engines.

A Bookster website has a sitemap.xml file located at the root of the website that can be submitted to search engines (e.g. via Google Webmaster Tools).

The Sitemap will give search engines (e.g. Google, Bing etc.) an easy way to see if your website needs to be re-indexed.


More details on Sitemaps available at

Exporting bookings iCal

Bookster -> Bookings -> Actions -> Calendar feed…

The iCalendar feed contains Check IN and Check OUT events for the next 30 days.

Each event can contain the following booking information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Party size
  • Total
  • Outstanding balance
  • Damage deposit

Exporting bookings {JSON}

Use a RESTful API to pull out bookings in JSON format.

Authenticating with an API key

You can use an API key and HTTP Basic Authentication to authenticate API requests. You can get your API key from the Account page when logged into the Bookster.

Bookster -> More -> API

RESTful API access

Exporting bookings Excel

Download bookings to an Excel compatible spreadsheet format.

Bookster -> Bookings -> Actions -> Export to Excel

Export property data

Use property data directly from a Bookster Website in JSON form.

List & search find.json

Use find.json to:

  • export all properties
  • filter on facilities or availability searches


Note: you must first set up a Bookster Website to export property data via JSON.

  "meta": {
    "type": "property",
    "total_count": 3
  "data": [
      "id": 115680,
      "created_on": "2015-11-09",
      "updated_on": "2016-07-12",
      "name": "House by the river",
      "price": {
          "currency": "GBP",
          "cost": 140,
          "saving": 0
      "id": 115653,
      "created_on": "2015-11-03",
      "updated_on": "2015-11-10",
      "name": "House in the valley",
      "price": {
        "currency": "GBP",
        "cost": 350,
        "saving": 0
      "id": 115616,
      "created_on": "2015-10-27",
      "updated_on": "2016-07-06",
      "name": "House on the hill",
      "price": {
        "currency": "GBP",
        "cost": 864,
        "saving": 0

Use the same GET args used on Bookster websites searching e.g.

Facilities: facilities/102-wifi
Properties with Wifi
Availability: availability/2017-05-06-until-2017-05-13-for-2
Properties available to book arriving 2017-05-06, departing 2017-05-13 for 2 people
Location: geoloc/within-50-miles-of-56.041918,-2.820786
Properties within X miles of a lat / lon

Single property details view.json


    "id": 115680,
    "name": "House by the river",
    "importRef": "",
    "created": 1447082911,
    "updated": 1468329782,
    "elements": {
        "address": {
            "street": "123 Riverside Road",
            "town": "Rivertown",
            "county": "Lothian",
            "region": "Scotland",
            "postcode": "EH1 2BB",
            "country": "United Kingdom"
        "num_bedrooms": "4",
        "catering_options": [
            "self catered"
        "check_in_ends": "17:00",
        "check_in_starts": "13:00",
        "check_out_time": "10:00",
        "description": "A lovely holiday rental by the river!",
        "directions": "Turn left off the main road when arriving from town, you'll see the Kirk after going under the bridge and the house is on the right hand side.",
        "exterior_description": "An 18th century stone cottage with a beautiful drive.",
        "facilities": {
            "dishwasher": true,
            "tumble_drier": true,
            "fridge_freezer": true,
            "oven": true,
            "linen_provided": true,
            "hair_dryer": true,
            "hi_chair": true,
            "satellite_cable": true,
            "television": true,
            "wireless_internet": true,
            "balcony": true
        "geoloc": [
        "greatfor": {
            "countryside": true,
            "family": true,
            "secluded": true,
            "romantic": true
        "tourist_attractions": "The area nearby is a vibrant place full of wildlife and great natural features. Just up the (insanely steep - be warned if you are cycling) hill, there are the foothills of the Pentlands which surround Rivertown, including some lovely (flatish) walks that suit all abilities (assuming you can get up the initial hill - but you can just take the car!)",
        "recreation": {
            "boat_launch": true,
            "cycle_hire": true,
            "fishing": true,
            "golf": true,
            "horse_riding": true,
            "winter_sports": true,
            "shops": true,
            "bars": true,
            "restaurants": true,
            "health_spa": true,
            "boat_hire": true,
            "boat_mooring": true,
            "car_hire": true,
            "cycle_paths": true,
            "parking": true,
            "playground": true
        "parking_details": "There is ample parking for up to six cars.",
        "gallery": [
                "title": "Sunset",
                "description": "",
                "copyright": "",
                "source": "http:\/\/\/uploads\/d4\/402106.jpg",
                "width": 3752,
                "height": 2627,
                "size": 1801821
                "title": "The river",
                "description": "",
                "copyright": "",
                "source": "http:\/\/\/uploads\/35\/402102.jpg",
                "width": 4341,
                "height": 3036,
                "size": 2602573
                "title": "A lovely view of the river",
                "description": "\"The River Cam from the Green Dragon Bridge\" by FinlayCox143 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - https:\/\/\/wiki\/File:The_River_Cam_from_the_Green_Dragon_Bridge.jpg#\/media\/File:The_River_Cam_from_the_Green_Dragon_Bridge.jpg",
                "copyright": "Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons",
                "source": "http:\/\/\/uploads\/8a\/402121.jpg",
                "width": 3999,
                "height": 2799,
                "size": 2428949
                "title": "The river on St Patrick's Day",
                "description": "\"Loboc river\" by Qaalvin - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - https:\/\/\/wiki\/File:Loboc_river.png#\/media\/File:Loboc_river.png",
                "copyright": "Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons",
                "source": "http:\/\/\/uploads\/03\/402125.jpg",
                "width": 766,
                "height": 536,
                "size": 171607
        "price_range_grain": "nightly",
        "location": [
                "UK & Eire",
        "sleeping_arrangements": "Four double bedrooms\r\nTwo sofa beds can be set up if required",
        "sleeps_additional": 4,
        "sleeps_basic": 8

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