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  • Vacation Rental Market Summary - An in-depth look at the local vacation rental market data within Bookster software.

    Rental Market Summary

    Market data right inside Bookster

  • COVID19 Cleaning buffer - Booksters new feature, the Cleaning buffer, designed for property managers who want a safe period, or buffer between guest departures and arrivals.

    COVID19 Cleaning buffer

    The latest in developments in response to client requests for a Cleaning buffer between guest stays. Check out why and how to use this feature.

  • Lucy Driver from Tansparent joins the Bookster vacation rental meet-up - Luy Driver will be presenting the latest June data for bookings in the UK.

    Meetup: Transparent Summary

    Lucy Driver from Transparent will join us live to talk through the future for holiday rentals in the UK during our July Webinar. Join us!

  • Vacation Rental meet-up event with Bookster - Robin from Bookster will present the tools and features to help you restart your vacation rental business after COVID19.

    Meetup: Restart with Bookster Summary

    Robin from Bookster answered your questions and talked through the tools in Bookster to help you restart your business in 2020. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

  • template-positano

    Positano Template website

    An exciting new template website, designed to explode the senses.

  • Vacation Rental Market Summary - An in-depth look at the local vacation rental market data within Bookster software.

    Rental Market Summary

    Launching our Market Summary, providing in-depth vacation rental market data. Invaluable metrics to help you promote your properties!

  • A PMS with no hidden costs - Are you a holiday rentals manager wanting to work with a platform with no hidden charges? Bookster can help.

    No hidden fees

  • A holiday rentals software with great customer service - Are you a holiday rentals manager looknig for a platform with great support? Bookster can help.

    Support for property managers

    Are you looking for great service and support? Bookster can help.

  • [Webinar] Marketing to domestic travellers - A summary of the answers by Bookster for the BookingPal Webinar on Marketing to domestic travellers.

    Marketing to Domestic Guests

    Bookster participated in the Webinar by BookingPal, investigating options for marketing to domestic guests. Will this help your business?

  • Manage guest communications with ease - Managing guest communications can be time-consuming. Bookster makes this easier with automated notifications, marketing emails and Guest Area.

    Manage guest communications

    Do you spend hours each day contacting your guests about bookings, payments and damage deposits? Bookster can help.

  • Encourage direct bookings on your website - It can be expensive work to attract bookings through channels. Bookster helps you create and manage bookings through your own branded, high conversion website.

    Encouraging direct bookings

    One strategy to attract guest bookings is through your own website. Bookster can support you to create and manage your own beautiful website.

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