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  • Bookster and TurnoverBnB partnership - Bookster and TurnoverBnB

    TurnoverBnB and Bookster partnership

    3 mins read

    Bookster now partners with TurnoverBnB, allowing you to provide your guests with excellence in less time.

  • Short Term Rentals: Planning for 2023 - Photos of Fiona Campbell, ASSC, Damian Sheridan, Scale Rentals and Kelly Odor, Bookster PMS. Event details: CODEBASE, 22 Nov 2022, 5pm.

    Short Term Rentals: Planning for 2023

    2 mins read

    On 22 November Bookster and Scale Rentals will host Short Term Rentals: Planning for 2023. Join us.

  • A video guide on why and how to create floor plans for short let properties - Make a lasting impression; Creating floor plans.

    Floor Plans for Short Let properties

    20 mins

    Floor Plans are under-used and can add enormous value to your guests. This video breaks down why you need one and how to make it.

  • Rates Manager for holiday lets - Discover the features of our Rates Manager, with image of seasons and a Bookster logo.

    Rates Manager for Short term rentals

    3 mins read

    Bookster Rates Manager shows a 2-year view of your rates, with easy functions to add and adjust rates from your Calendar.

  • How should I price Airbnb & holiday lets? - How should I price Airbnb & holiday lets? Icon of a holiday rental apartment and Bookster logo.

    Airbnb & holiday let pricing

    10 mins read

    A guide to setting prices for holiday lets and Airbnb properties.

  • How should I advertise my holiday let? - A starter guide from Bookster property management software on 'how to advertise my holiday let'. Logo of Bookster with an icon of a holiday home.

    How should I advertise my holiday let?

    4 mins read

    Learn about the options available to you when deciding how to market your holiday let.

  • Safety certificates in holiday lets - Storing and viewing safety certificates in holiday lets using Bookster property management software

    Store safety Certificates for holiday rentals

    2 mins read

    Manage the safety certificates for your holiday let properties within Bookster.

  • Airbnb Guest Messages in Bookster PMS - Airbnb Guest Messages in Bookster with View and Response icons, and Bookster and Airbnb logos.

    Airbnb Guest Messages in Bookster PMS

    3 mins read

    Use Airbnb Guest Messages in your Bookster account to view and respond to guest messages about their bookings.

  • Airbnb Guest Reviews - Airbnb Guest Reviews directly in your Bookster PMS account.

    Airbnb Guest Reviews in Bookster

    2 mins read

    Write guest reviews for Airbnb guests, and read their reviews of your holiday home, directly in your Bookster Account.

  • Scheduled maintenance (© Bookster)

    Scheduled Maintenance

    2 min read

    Scheduled maintenance to keep Bookster running smoothly

  • Airbnb Webinar | Opportunities for Holiday Lets in Scotland - Airbnb and Bookster webinar in June 2022. Presented by patrice Merle of Airbnb and Kelly Odor of Bookster.

    Airbnb + Bookster webinar: Holiday Lets in Scotland

    2 min read

    Watch the replay of the Airbnb & Bookster webinar: presenting the hottest changes in Airbnb to benefit your business.

  • Vrbo webinar| Set up for Success - Bookster and Vrbo webinar with Henrike Herr, Sandra Sutton, Jessica Elmes and Kelly Odor.

    Vrbo webinar: Set up for Success

    Vrbo presents how you can optimise your listings in Bookster and Vrbo to attract higher guest value bookings.

  • Short Stay Summit 2022 - Bookster property management software will be attending the Short Stay Summit 2022 in Tobacco Docks, London.

    Short Stay Summit 2022 in London

    2 mins read

    Bookster joined the panel on Challenges and Opportunities Responding to the Climate Emergency at the Short Stay Summit 2022.

  • Are rising costs afffecting your short lets? - As inflation continues to grow affecting short let businesses and owners.

    Are rising costs affecting your short let business?

    4 min read

    Bookster is here to help you maximise profitable bookings, no matter what the economic condition.

  • Bookster and Isle of Tiree custom website - Isle of Tiree talk through their experiences of building a new custom website together with Bookster property management platform.

    Case Study: Isle of Tiree

    Isle of Tiree created their new website with Bookster

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