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  • How should I price Airbnb & holiday lets? - How should I price Airbnb & holiday lets? Icon of a holiday rental apartment and Bookster logo.

    Airbnb & holiday let pricing

    10 mins read

    A guide to setting prices for holiday lets and Airbnb properties.

  • How should I advertise my holiday let? - A starter guide from Bookster property management software on 'how to advertise my holiday let'. Logo of Bookster with an icon of a holiday home.

    How should I advertise my holiday let?

    4 mins read

    Learn about the options available to you when deciding how to market your holiday let.

  • Safety certificates in holiday lets - Storing and viewing safety certificates in holiday lets using Bookster property management software

    Store safety Certificates for holiday rentals

    2 mins read

    Manage the safety certificates for your holiday let properties within Bookster.

  • Airbnb Guest Messages in Bookster PMS - Airbnb Guest Messages in Bookster with View and Response icons, and Bookster and Airbnb logos.

    Airbnb Guest Messages in Bookster PMS

    3 mins read

    Use Airbnb Guest Messages in your Bookster account to view and respond to guest messages about their bookings.

  • Airbnb Guest Reviews - Airbnb Guest Reviews directly in your Bookster PMS account.

    Airbnb Guest Reviews in Bookster

    2 mins read

    Write guest reviews for Airbnb guests, and read their reviews of your holiday home, directly in your Bookster Account.

  • Scheduled maintenance (© Bookster)

    Scheduled Maintenance

    2 min read

    Scheduled maintenance to keep Bookster running smoothly

  • Airbnb Webinar | Opportunities for Holiday Lets in Scotland - Airbnb and Bookster webinar in June 2022. Presented by patrice Merle of Airbnb and Kelly Odor of Bookster.

    Airbnb + Bookster webinar: Holiday Lets in Scotland

    2 min read

    Watch the replay of the Airbnb & Bookster webinar: presenting the hottest changes in Airbnb to benefit your business.

  • Vrbo webinar| Set up for Success - Bookster and Vrbo webinar with Henrike Herr, Sandra Sutton, Jessica Elmes and Kelly Odor.

    Vrbo webinar: Set up for Success

    Vrbo presents how you can optimise your listings in Bookster and Vrbo to attract higher guest value bookings.

  • Short Stay Summit 2022 - Bookster property management software will be attending the Short Stay Summit 2022 in Tobacco Docks, London.

    Short Stay Summit 2022 in London

    2 mins read

    Bookster joined the panel on Challenges and Opportunities Responding to the Climate Emergency at the Short Stay Summit 2022.

  • Are rising costs afffecting your short lets? - As inflation continues to grow affecting short let businesses and owners.

    Are rising costs affecting your short let business?

    4 min read

    Bookster is here to help you maximise profitable bookings, no matter what the economic condition.

  • Bookster and Isle of Tiree custom website - Isle of Tiree talk through their experiences of building a new custom website together with Bookster property management platform.

    Case Study: Isle of Tiree

    Isle of Tiree created their new website with Bookster

  • Support Ukraine Resrouces

    Support Ukraine Resources

    Resources to support the people of Ukraine

    Learn more

  • Vrbo webinar: Grow your business - Henrike Herr (Senior Connectivity Account Manager, Vrbo), 
Marco Puccioni (Business Development Manager, Vrbo), and 
Kelly Odor (Marketing Director, Bookster) cover how Vrbo and Bookster connection will help your business grow.

    Vrbo webinar: Grow your self-catering business

    Vrbo presents how you can use the Bookster connection to grow your business, and attract optimum guest bookings.

  • Webinar: Take your clients further, without re-inventing the wheel - Robin Morris and Lyle Markle cover how to take your clients further, without re-inventing the wheel. A webinar for web developers and designers.

    Web Developer: Take your holiday lets clients further

    4 mins read

    Do you design or develop websites? We'll share how to build success for your clients, without reinventing the wheel.

  • Manage bookings - Manage bookings with ease, with icons for a holiday rental apartment and graphs.

    Manage bookings for your self-catering homes with ease

    3 mins read

    How do you manage all those bookings for your holiday rental properties?

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