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  • Bookster named Premium Partner of TripAdvisor - Bookster has been selected as a Premium Partner of TripAdvisor.

    TripAdvisor and Bookster

    Read more about Booksters status as Premium Partner, thanks to the strength of the channel manager connection with TripAdvisor.

  • Building selfcatering brands through inclusivity - Damian Sheridan of Book Direct Network, Anne-Marie Barry of Guide Dogs, Victoria O'Connell of GoLightly, and Lyn Hetherington, volunteer for Guide Dogs will be joining Kelly Odor of Bookster, as we talk through building your self-catering brand through inclusivity.

    Building brands through inclusivity

    Damian Sheridan of Book Direct Network, Anne-Marie Barry of Guide Dogs, Victoria O'Connell of GoLightly, and Lyn Hetherington, volunteer for Guide Dogs joined Kelly Odor of Bookster, talking through building your self-catering brand through inclusivity.

  • Bookster booking platform SEO and Marketing Book Direct tools - Bookster book direct tools - attract more direct bookings, used by property managers as part of the strategy to attract new bookings. (© 2021 Bookster)

    Attract more self catering bookings

    Looking for new ways to attract bookings to your self-catering properties? Bookster has added further expert support for property managers looking to attract bookings directly through your own website, via phone or email.

  • Bookster with Matterport 3d videos - Add your Matterport 3D videos to Bookster property management software to boost competitivity and attract more direct bookings.

    Matterport and Bookster

    Read more about the Matterport feature on the Bookster Property Management System to help promote and rent your self-catering properties.

  • Webinar: Prepare for 2021 and 2022 bookings - Jo Blaylock, partner of ACT Studios joins Kelly Odor of Bookster to talk through her best advice for self catering professionals during Spring.

    Prepare for 2021/22 bookings

    Jo Blaylock, Partner & Head of Marketing at ACT Studios, talked us through her advice for getting your holiday rentals ready for 2021 and 2022 bookings.

  • Book Direct: Creating your video - Creating your own personal videos can significantly add value to your brand and attract direct bookers.

    Book Direct: Add videos

    Creating a video introducing your company can create real value for your company, and attract direct bookings. Find out how.

  • Bookster articles in StayJam 2021 - Bookster articles written by Lyle Markle, Art Director and Andy McNicoll, Marketing Specialist for StayJam 2021

    StayJam playbook 2021

    Have you downloaded your copy of the PlayJam 2021 yet? Well, what are you waiting for? We covered two topics, and it's packed with great advice for self catering professionals.

  • Case Study Bookster and Voilà Villas Dordogne - Voilà Villas Dordogne talk through their experiences of working with Bookster property management platform with integrated channel manager and custom website.

    Case Study: Voila Villas Dordogne

    We talked with Joni and Ross about their journey with Voila Villas Dordogne, and their experiences with a French adventure. Read on...

  • Quick guide: Automating Emails - Automating emails for holiday home owners and vacation rental managers.

    Automating Emails

    Using the automation feature of the Email Marketing tool will save significant resources staying in touch with guests and contacts. Find out how this function works.

  • Tourism Renaissance 2021 - Robin Morris, Kelly Odor and Lyle Markle will be presenting at 2021 Tourism Renaissance.

    Tourism Renaissance 2021

    The team of Bookster will be presenting a number of topics at the Tourism Renaissance 2020 event. Find out more.

  • Property Management Software developments 2020 - A list of the major developments implemented by Bookster throughout 2020.

    Property Management System Developments 2020

    2020 has been a difficult year for many. We responded to our client's needs and built developments and provided services to reflect the needs of property managers dealing with the effects of the pandemic.

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