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  • Advertise my holiday let

    4 min read

    Learn about the options available to you when deciding how to market your holiday let.

  • Safety Certificates in holiday lets

    2 min read

    Manage the safety certificates for your holiday let properties within Bookster.

  • Airbnb Guest Messages

    3 min read

    Use Airbnb Guest Messages in your Bookster account to view and respond to guest messages about their bookings.

  • Airbnb Guest Reviews

    2 min read

    Write guest reviews for Airbnb guests, and read their reviews of your holiday home, directly in your Bookster Account.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    2 min read

    Scheduled maintenance to keep Bookster running smoothly

  • Airbnb Holiday Lets Scotland

    2 min read

    Watch the replay of the Airbnb & Bookster webinar: presenting the hottest changes in Airbnb to benefit your business.

  • Vrbo webinar: Set up for Success

    Vrbo presents how you can optimise your listings in Bookster and Vrbo to attract higher guest value bookings.

  • Short Stay Summit 2022

    2 min read

    Bookster joined the panel on Challenges and Opportunities Responding to the Climate Emergency at the Short Stay Summit 2022.

  • Rising costs affecting short lets?

    4 min read

    Bookster is here to help you maximise profitable bookings, no matter what the economic condition.

  • Case Study: Isle of Tiree

    Isle of Tiree created their new website with Bookster

  • Support Ukraine Resources

    1 min read

    Resources to support the people of Ukraine

  • Vrbo webinar: Grow your business

    Vrbo presents how you can use the Bookster connection to grow your business, and attract optimum guest bookings.

  • Web Developers clients

    4 min read

    Do you design or develop websites? We'll share how to build success for your clients, without reinventing the wheel.

  • Manage bookings self-catering homes

    3 min read

    How do you manage all those bookings for your holiday rental properties?

  • Manage guests

    Managing the guests for your holiday lettings properties can feel like a never-ending to-do list to be remembered, followed up and checked.

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