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  • Webinar: What we've learned about building effective holiday rental websites - Robin Morris and Lyle Markle talk through lessons learned in building effective holiday rental websites

    Building effective websites

    Do you design or develop websites? Watch the replay of our event especially for you, where we share our successes and failures, and talk about the essential elements of a holiday rental website.

  • Bookster and VR Scheduler - Collaboration between Bookster property management system and VR Scheduler vacation rental software for operations.

    VR Scheduler and Bookster

  • 10 Reasons to use email marketing - In just 60 seconds find out why you should be using email marketing for your business.

    10 Reasons Why - Email Marketing

    The desire to attract new guests often overlooks the huge opportunities of attracting repeat business from existing holiday rental guests.

    In this video we show you why implementing and maintaining a line of communication with your guests through email marketing can help boost your holiday let revenue and business results.

  • Quick video guide: Email Marketing - A quick video guide to Bookster Email Marketing tool.

    Video guide: Email marketing

    Generating repeat business is a proven way to help your vacation rental business to grow so it is essential to maintain a channel of communication with your guests and contacts.

    Bookster's simple-to-use Email marketing tool has been designed to help you do just that.

  • Bookster attends Host 2020 for holiday rental professionals - Join Lyle Markle and Robin Morris as they present at Host 2020 event for holiday rental managers, owners and agencies.

    Host 2020

    Join Lyle and Robin from Bookster as they participate in the Host Conference 2020, in digital!

  • How to take action using market data - From owner acquisition to daily operations: a data driven approach to managing short term rentals. Special guest Florian Stich will cover how to action in your holiday rentals using market data.

    Take action using data

    Ever wonder what you should do with the pricing and competitor data for your holiday rentals?

    Florian Stich of AirDNA joined Kelly Odor to understand how to take action using market data.

  • How to attract self-catering guests to your holiday rental business - A guide to attracting self catering guests to holiday lets.

    Attract self catering guests

    Learn the techniques and use the tools at hand to attract self-catering guests to your holiday rental property.

  • Don't just recover, plan growth. - Merilee Karr of the Short Term Accommodation Association join Kelly Odor to discuss strategies that property managers should undertake to ensure growth.

    Don't just recover, plan growth

    Merilee Karr of the Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) joined us to discuss how property managers can use 2020 to plan growth and grow stronger.

  • Essential cCleaning COVID19 guidelines - Invite to the Bookster Vacation Rental Meet-up with Jill Mason of Cleaning Certification and Fiona Campbell of the ASSC.

    Meetup: cleaning COVID19 guidelines

    Jill Mason from Cleaning Certification and Fiona Campbell of the ASSC joined us to cover the most important aspects of cleaning for your self-catering property.

  • Booking quote tool - Create booking quote for your guests - only with Bookster

    Self-catering quotes

    In response to client requests, we have introduced and formalised the option to send quotes to potential guests for your self-catering properties.

  • COVID19 Cleaning buffer - Booksters new feature, the Cleaning buffer, designed for property managers who want a safe period, or buffer between guest departures and arrivals.

    COVID19 Cleaning buffer

    The latest in developments in response to client requests for a Cleaning buffer between guest stays. Check out why and how to use this feature.

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