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  • Essential cCleaning COVID19 guidelines - Invite to the Bookster Vacation Rental Meet-up with Jill Mason of Cleaning Certification and Fiona Campbell of the ASSC.
  • [Webinar] Marketing to domestic travellers - A summary of the answers by Bookster for the BookingPal Webinar on Marketing to domestic travellers.

    Marketing to Domestic Guests

    Bookster participated in the Webinar by BookingPal, investigating options for marketing to domestic guests. Will this help your business?

  • Providing a personal service in vacation rentals with social distance - How to provide a first class personal service for guests in vacation rentals whilst respecting social distance

    Maintaining personal service

    Are you looking to reduce your social contact with guests, whilst providing excellent personal service? We investigate options to help.

  • Providing info to guests

    Providing information to guests

    We're slowly entering a new stage. Bookings are restarting. What information can we provide to guests to give them the confidence to book?

  • How to reduce vacation rental cancellations - How to reduce and manage cancellations in vacation rentals post COVID19

    How to reduce cancellations

    Reasons for cancellations in 2020 are different and it's important to deal with them differently too.

  • How to attract domestic travellers - Attract domestic travellers to your vacation rentals.

    How to attract domestic tourists

    Attracting domestic tourists after COVID19 is going to be vital for many property managers. Find out what you should do first.

  • Vacation Rental Bookings statistics 2019 - A look at the vacation rentals bookings data of 2019, to analyse trends and behaviour.

    2019 bookings overview

    A dive into the bookings data for any bookings made using Bookster vacation rental software during 2019.

  • vacation rental event April 2020 with HHA - Special guest speaker for the vacation rental even in April 2020 will be Martin Sach from Holiday Home Association (HHA).

    Meetup April 2020 Summary

    Join us in our first live webinar! Martin Sach, Chief Executive of the Holiday Home Association will be sharing his knowledge and advice for property managers across the UK.

  • Automated guest emails for holiday rentals - What automated emails should you send to your holiday rental guests?

    4 Essential Guest Emails

    We look at 4 emails you should consider sending to your guests to boost your business results.

  • Flexible Long Stay Discount for holiday rentals - Launch of the updated Long Stay Discounts feature within Bookster property management system for holiday rentals.

    Long Stay Discounts

    Long Stay Discounts have been upgraded with more discount options, and a slick process to apply across multiple properties. Read on...

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