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  • STL Terms & Conditions

    5 min read

    10 points to consider for your Short Term Lets Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs).

  • Glamping business guests

    1 min read

    Follow these 8 steps to attract an exciting market of glamping enthusiasts to your new glamping business.

  • Software Demo Questions

    3 min read

    10 questions you should ask on a demo with Short Let Software Companies.

  • Holiday Let Costs

    2 min read

    Starting a holiday let business? We've made a list of costs to consider when starting up.

  • Acronyms STL

    3 min read

    An updated collection of acronyms in the short term lets industry.

  • Excel vacation rentals

    5 min read

    Follow these 3 steps to improve your skills and excel in your vacation rental business.

  • Floor Plans

    20 min read

    Floor Plans are under-used and can add enormous value to your guests. This video breaks down why you need one and how to make it.

  • Google Search Console guide

    A brief guide to using the Google Search Console and how it can help you attract more guests. It's free to use and can yield big results.

  • Valentines Day guests

    4 min read

    The Valentine's period often creates a surge of demand. What techniques are best for attracting optimum bookings?

  • Book Direct holiday rentals

    5 min read

    Discover our insight into 'Book Direct' for holiday rentals, given in the interview with Damian Sheridan of the Book Direct Show.

  • Christmas guests

    4 min read

    Christmas is a peak time for attracting bookings. So what are the strategies for attracting profitable bookings to your properties?

  • Tips Direct Bookings

    4 min read

    We pulled together 3 great tips to help you increase your direct bookings and shared them with Damian Sheridan of the Book Direct Show.

  • The importance of password security

    Passwords are the first line of defense against fraudulent attackers on your holiday rentals business. Learn what actions to take now.

  • Prevent bad guests

    5 min read

    Preventing bad guests can be a struggle but with this blog, we hope to change that in 4 easy steps.

  • Holiday booking trends

    Holiday trends are ever-changing. Keep up with these trends to know more about how this could affect your bookings.

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