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Your team's experience matters.

Whether you work alone or in a team - there are important tasks to manage efficiently and with ease.

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Enjoy intuitive tools to support your cleaners, accountants, concierges, owners, and maintenance staff.

Your experiences matter.

Oversee your operation and scrutinise the finer details, look after your guests and grow your business with confidence.

Bookster's holiday booking system is the solution.

Use our innovative tools for a great experience managing phone, email and direct bookings made on your website.

Your owners' experiences matter.

Your relationship with your property owners is key.

We've built our system to help you, help them. We'll show you how.

Your guests' experiences matter.

Guests must feel like they are your number one priority.

Bookster is a world class guest tool.

Provide optimum service and clear communication to your guests for a great experience, high repeat business and 5 star reviews.

Finally, easy to use Property Management Software for Holiday Rentals.

It's true. The industry is filling up with tools that take forever to learn, get unreliable updates, and are so complicated that organising a simple task feels overwhelming.

3 ways that we're different:


Easy to use

An easy to use solution that automates day to day tasks.


A great experience matters

A knowledgeable team to answer your calls and emails, investigate your queries and genuinely want to provide you with a better experience.


Stable and reliable

Bookster doesn't fall over and lose you money and time.

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