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Email marketing

Build relationships to attract bookings with automated emails.

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I've worked with Bookster for 3 years now. Love the team. Love the software. The various management tools are a massive time saver.
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Reserve Apartments

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Send branded personal emails to Newsletter subscribers, Enquirers, Reviewers, Past Guests and your own imported lists.

  • Welcome new guests
  • Highlight important pre-arrival information
  • Attract reviews
  • Create and maintain relationships with your guests
  • Increase repeat bookings.

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  • Marketing Manager

Quick overview
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You can set this up yourself.

No third party services required.

Additional costs apply.

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What does it do?

Send Marketing emails to Guests

  • Send Marketing emails to Guests (e.g. to encourage repeat bookings)
  • Brand your Marketing Emails
  • Capture contact email when a Guest books direct
  • Automatically email based on arrival or departure
  • Add a Newsletter sign up to Bookster Custom Websites


Additional cost?
Automated emails: £0.01/email, One-off Campaigns: £5+£0.01/email
Which plan is it availble in?
  • Lite
  • Pro
  • Max
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
You can set this up yourself.
Can I use Last Booking Date to send a Welcome Email?
Yes, however when setting up a welcome email based on Last Booking Date, add a delay of a minimum of 24 hours before sending emails.
Can I use Subscriber joined the Booker list to send a Welcome Email?
Yes, however please be aware guests will only receive an email based on this date the first time they enter the list. This means repeat guests will not receive this email.
Can I manually add email addresses to the Email Automations?
Email addresses must be added automatically by Bookster. Email addresses added manually yourself will not trigger an automated email.

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- Robin, Managing Director

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