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  • The Booking Direct Success Summit 2022 - Bookster property management software for holiday rentals is sponsoring The Direct Booking Success Summit 2022.

    The Direct Booking Success Summit 2022

    At the Direct Booking Success Summit 2022, we cover ‘Simple Techniques to attract the people you want.'

  • Bookster and Operto Teams - Collaboration between Bookster property management system and Operto Teams vacation rental software for operations.

    Operto Teams and Bookster

    3 mins read

    Read more about the launch of the Bookster Holiday Rentals Property Management System partner integration with Operto Teams (VR Scheduler).

  • Essential cCleaning COVID19 guidelines - Invite to the Bookster Vacation Rental Meet-up with Jill Mason of Cleaning Certification and Fiona Campbell of the ASSC.

    Meetup: cleaning COVID19 guidelines

    4 mins read

    Get up to speed with new Cleaning Guidelines to protect against Coronavirus spread.

  • COVID19 Cleaning buffer - Booksters new feature, the Cleaning buffer, designed for property managers who want a safe period, or buffer between guest departures and arrivals.

    COVID19 Cleaning buffer to disinfect vacation rental homes

  • Providing info to guests

    Providing information to guests

    4 mins read

    Bookings have restarted in most locations following COVID. What information can we provide to guests to give them the confidence to book?

  • 7 holiday home cleaning tips - Aga from Pink Eco Clean give us 7 top tips for a spotless clean of your holiday rental home

    7 Holiday Home Cleaning Tips

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