• Millies Holiday Home

    3 min read

    UK holiday rental home owners Jayne and Roger, chose Bookster to attract bookings to 4-bedroom Millies Holiday Home, find out how.

  • Killer first photos

    3 min read

    1st photos work really hard to attract bookings on Channels like Booking.com and on your website. Here are 6 tips to choose the best photo!

  • Moulin de la Fosse Gîtes

    4 min read

    Holiday rental business, Moulin de la Fosse Gîtes, chose Bookster to manage their bookings, find out why.

  • Channels questions

    3 min read

    Discover the answers to three most common questions about joining Channels.

  • Aberystwyth South Beach Apartment

    4 min read

    Holiday rental business, Aberystwyth South Beach Apartment, chose Bookster to manage their bookings, find out why.

  • Dorian Fiscardo

    18 min read

    Luxury holiday rental homes, Dorian Fiscardo, uses Bookster's booking engine and channel manager to build their business, find out how.

  • Casa de la vida

    3 min read

    Holiday Rental Owners of 'Casa de la vida' chose Bookster to grow their business, find out why.

  • Advertise My Holiday Let

    4 min read

    Learn about the options available to you when deciding how to market your holiday let.

  • Airbnb Holiday Lets Scotland

    2 min read

    Watch the replay of the Airbnb & Bookster webinar: presenting the hottest changes in Airbnb to benefit your business.

  • Vrbo webinar: Set up for Success

    Vrbo presents how you can optimise your listings in Bookster and Vrbo to attract higher guest value bookings.

  • Vrbo webinar: Grow your business

    Vrbo presents how you can use the Bookster connection to grow your business, and attract optimum guest bookings.

  • Vrbo and Bookster

    Join the Vrbo direct 2 way API connection to attract more guests to your properties.

  • Channel Manager Short Lets

    3 min read

    Being on a variety of booking portals can attract different markets, or guests to your properties. But how can you manage this with ease?

  • TripAdvisor and Bookster

    3 min read

    Use Bookster to boost your vacation rental revenue with TripAdvisor.

  • Booking.com Content Sync

    4 min read

    Synchronise your holiday let property details, photos, guest messages and reviews with Booking.com

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