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Written by Kelly Odor

How to optimise your holiday rental properties on the extranet to increase bookings during the low seasons.

Increase bookings with - Optimise your property listing in to increase bookings and revenue
Optimise your property listing in to increase bookings and revenue

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Doing this alone can help you receive up to 18% more bookings! optimisation tasks - A screenshot of the screen with the tasks to optimise
A screenshot of the screen with the tasks to optimise

This article looks at how to increase your lettings income and bookings through by optimising your holiday rental properties.

It’s an important task, especially during the Spring and Autumn shoulder periods.

There may be quite a few tasks to do, so we recommend starting initially with a couple of tasks for each property.

We’ll talk you through the process of where to go, and highlight the easiest features to optimise, to give you the most results for your time.

Updates on the Bookster Property Listing

Log into your Bookster account. Under each property listing, update the following information.

1. Property/ Listing details => 24 hour check-in available

If you offer the option to check-in during a 24 hour period, click this section.

2. Property/ Listing details/ Entertainment => Streaming service (such as Netflix)

Do you offer Netflix? Tick this box! We've just synchronised this feature with

3. Property/ Location => Parking available

Add Parking options for each property (Free/paid parking indoor/outdoor).

Updates on the extranet

1. Log into your extranet.
2. Click on Property Tab.
Here you will see a number of links, where we recommend the following 3 optimisations:

1. Property page score => Get everything ticked

Improve your property page score to 100% by completing simple tasks eg, review your photo quality and quantity, detail key collection, languages spoken and providing local area information.

The detailed instructions on this page will guide you to score 100%!

Doing this alone can help you receive up to 18% more bookings, so it is worth working your way through the list! 

2. Facilities & services => Additional services => 24-hour front desk

Let your future guests know if you have a 24-hour front desk.

If you don’t have 24 hour check-in you should still complete this area, but answer ‘No’. This section reduces check-in hassle and will help your rankings! 

3. Messaging preferences => Automatic replies

Set up automatic replies to common guest questions in 'Messaging preferences'. This helps your guests make the decision to book more easily.

Check and correct your Policies which includes your Check-in & Check-out times and your Cancellation policy. 

 4. Guest reviews tab

You should check the Guest reviews page regularly to check for updates and messages. This will help your rankings!

Benefits to optimising properties on

  1. Your properties will be seen more easily by people who are looking for holiday homes like yours, because your properties will rank higher on the results listings.
  2. Holidaymakers will have more reasons to make that all important reservation, as they will be able to see more property information.

It’s not complicated to optimise your properties for

By making these changes, you will have made a good start on improving the number of reservations you receive through your connection.

In future articles, we’ll walk you through the other options that you should complete to help you maximise your reservations.

If you have any questions about this or, if you are currently not connected to but would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bookster has everything you need to grow and manage your holiday rental business.

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