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  • Creating a Sustainable Footprint in Short Term Rentals - SUPERHOG event with Bookster as a guest speaker covering 'Creating a Sustainable Footprint in Short Term Rentals'.

    Sustainable Footprint in Short Term Rentals

    4 mins read

    Bookster joined the panel on 'Creating a Sustainable Footprint in Short Term Rentals' hosted by our partners SUPERHOG.

  • Bookster and the Association of self-caterers Scotland (ASSC) - Bookster, the holiday booking system with head offices in Edinburgh, is a long-standing trade member of the Association of self-caterers Scotland (ASSC).

    Bookster and ASSC

    5 mins read

    Learn about Bookster's membership with the Association of Self-Caterers Scotland (ASSC) and their commitment to the holiday rental industry.

  • SUPERHOG and Bookster, the online holiday booking system partnership - Bookster, the online holiday booking system has partnered with SUPERHOG, protecting holiday rental managers up to £5 million.

    SUPERHOG partnership with Bookster, the holiday booking system

    Try Bookster integration with SUPERHOG, providing biometric recognition, ID verification, screening, and up to £5 million protection.

  • Bookster with Matterport 3d videos - Add your Matterport 3D videos to Bookster property management software to boost competitivity and attract more direct bookings.

    Matterport and Bookster

    4 mins read

    Bookster now incorporates Matterport videos to your property listings, helping to convert more guests and fill your online calendars.

  • Property Management Software developments 2020 - A list of the major developments implemented by Bookster throughout 2020.

    Property Management System Developments 2020

    6 mins read

    Discover what our software engineers have been working hard on throughout the year, building new services and enhancing existing features.

  • Bookster with Property Hive - Bookster holiday rental property booking engine is now partnered with Property Hive to allow the visibility of your properties on your Wordpress website.

    Property Hive and Bookster

    3 mins read

    Bookster is now partnered with Property Hive, offering even more opportunities for property managers using Wordpress websites.

  • Bookster and Operto Teams - Collaboration between Bookster property management system and Operto Teams vacation rental software for operations.

    Operto Teams and Bookster

    3 mins read

    Read more about the launch of the Bookster Holiday Rentals Property Management System partner integration with Operto Teams (VR Scheduler).

  • How to take action using market data - From owner acquisition to daily operations: a data driven approach to managing short term rentals. Special guest Florian Stich will cover how to action in your holiday rentals using market data.

    How to take action using market data

    6 mins read

    Watch the replay as Florian Stich of AirDNA shares how to take action using market data.

  • Wishbox and Bookster partnership - Bookster and Wishbox integration to offer premium services in the vacation rental industry

    Duve and Bookster

  • Bookster named Premium Partner of TripAdvisor - Bookster has been selected as a Premium Partner of TripAdvisor.

    Bookster channel manager partner of TripAdvisor

    3 mins

    Use Bookster to boost your vacation rental revenue with TripAdvisor.

  • VisitScotland 2019 - Summary of the Bookster Vacation Rental Meet-up of May 2019 with VisitScotland

    Vacation Rental Event Summary: VisitScotland

    4 mins read

    Alasdair of VisitScotland joined our event to explain how to make your property individual, to attract more bookings.

  • Booking.com Content - New enhancements to Booking.com and Bookster channel manager connection

    Booking.com and Bookster content management

    4 mins read

    Sync your holiday let property details, photos and reviews with Booking.com

  • Bookster and Feefo collaboration - Feefo review platform is in partnership with Bookster property management system.

    Bookster and Feefo partner to boost holiday bookings through reviews

    In 2013 Feefo and Bookster created a dedicated guest review partnership, read more how this will help your business grow.

  • Increase bookings with Booking.com - Optimise your property listing in Booking.com to increase bookings and revenue

    Increase bookings on Booking.com by optimising your property

    How to optimise your holiday rental properties on the Booking.com extranet to increase bookings during the low seasons.

  • Bookster and Worldpay collaboration - UK payment gateway Worldpay is now connected with Bookster Property Management Software. (© Bookster)

    Bookster and Worldpay collaboration

    In June 2018 Bookster announced the payment gateway collaboration with Worldpay, a dedicated UK payments provider.

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