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Tips and advice on how to manage holiday rental bookings.Tools and strategies to help you manage your holiday rentals bookings. Reduce the time you spend on the day-to-day and monthly tasks.

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  • Spectrum Breaks

    3 min read

    Holiday rental manager Colin Pratt, chose Bookster Property Management Software to manage bookings for his unique homes, Spectrum Breaks.

  • Jules Gozo Holidays

    6 min read

    Holiday rental managers Julia & Chris, chose Bookster Property Management Software to manage bookings for their Gozo holiday homes in Malta.

  • Holiday home tips

    4 min read

    8 tips to help holiday home owners improve their businesses.

  • Aberystwyth South Beach Apartment

    4 min read

    Holiday rental business, Aberystwyth South Beach Apartment, chose Bookster to manage their bookings, find out why.

  • 30 holiday rental tips

    1 min read

    30 tips to help holiday home owners improve their businesses.

  • Agency or Self-Manage?

    3 min read

    Do you want to manage your short let business, employ an agency to do it all, or share the tasks between you? Let's dig into your options.

  • Questionnaire 2022

    3 min read

    Our annual client questionnaire feedback for 2022 is in!

  • Turno and Bookster

    3 min read

    Bookster now partners with Turno (Previously TurnoverBnB), allowing you to provide your guests with excellence in less time.

  • Web Developers Clients

    4 min read

    Do you design or develop websites? We'll share how to build success for your clients, without reinventing the wheel.

  • Manage Bookings Self-Catering Homes

    3 min read

    How do you manage all those bookings for your holiday rental properties?

  • Holiday Booking System Updates 2021

    We built new developments in 2021 as part of our commitment to designing a better experience for managing holiday rental properties.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    1 min read

    Bookster Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds security, to prevent unauthorised 3rd parties from accessing your rental management account.

  • Customer Questionnaire Summary 2021

    1 min read

    Our yearly client questionnaire feedback for 2021 is in!

  • The importance of password security

    Passwords are the first line of defense against fraudulent attackers on your holiday rentals business. Learn what actions to take now.

  • SUPERHOG and Bookster

    Try Bookster integration with SUPERHOG, providing biometric recognition, ID verification, screening, and up to £5 million protection.

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