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  • Bookster at The Book Direct Show 2022 - Bookster participate in Online Presentations, part of The Book Direct Show 2022 in Miami. (© Muzammil Soorma on Unsplash)

    The Book Direct Show 2022

    Bookster presents 'Marketing Plans for people who don't do marketing' at The Book Direct Show 2022, alongside inspiring industry experts.

  • Automate marketing emails to channel and ota guests - Send personal and automated emails to channel and ota guests

    Automate emails for OTA guests

    The Online Travel Agents (OTAs / Channels) obscure your guest email addresses, but you can now email them with your personal messages.

  • Flexible Automated Emails for holiday homes - Using Flexible Automated Emails helps property managers with holiday homes to build strong guest relationships.

    Flexible Automated Emails for Holiday Homes

    4 mins read

    Why should you use Automated Emails? We cover 11 ways that Automated Emails will help your business, and guide you on how to get started.

  • 5 tips for more direct bookings in holiday rentals - 5 practical tips to support selfcatering managers and holiday rental property owners who want to attract more direct bookings through their own website

    5 tips for more direct bookings

    4 mins read

    It is crucial that property managers attract website bookings; but how do you do it? Check out 5 tips to help you attract more bookings.

  • Bookster articles in StayJam 2021 - Bookster articles written by Lyle Markle, Art Director and Andy McNicoll, Marketing Specialist for StayJam 2021

    StayJam playbook 2021

    5 mins read

    Read the highlights from 2 articles on creating custom websites that convert visitors to guests and Email Marketing.

  • Quick guide: Automating Emails - Automating emails for holiday home owners and vacation rental managers.

    Automating Emails

    Spending too much time sending emails? Our automated email marketing feature saves you time to focus on other areas of your business.

  • 10 Reasons to use email marketing - In just 60 seconds find out why you should be using email marketing for your business.

    10 Reasons Why - Email Marketing

    4 mins read

    In just 60 seconds we give you 10 great reasons why you should start using email marketing for your holiday rentals right now.

  • Quick video guide: Email Marketing - A quick video guide to Bookster Email Marketing tool.

    Email marketing video guide

    5 mins read

    A short video guide to getting started with Bookster's Email marketing tool.

  • Manage guest communications with ease

    Manage guest communications

    Do you spend hours each day contacting your guests about bookings, payments and damage deposits?

  • Automated guest emails for holiday rentals - What automated emails should you send to your holiday rental guests?

    4 essential emails to holiday rentals guests

    5 mins read

    Building good relationships with guests starts from the moment they see or hear about your property. Here are 4 emails you should send!

  • Reading emails on the go

    Email marketing - too powerful to ignore

    4 mins read

    Email marketing to prospective vacation rental guests is essential. You should be doing it right now.

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