• Event: Websites

    42 min read

    Watch the replay to discover 3 different options to promote your self-catering and holiday homes on your own website.

  • Book Direct Show VRMA 2022

    10 min read

    Kelly Odor of Bookster pms, presents Top 5 takeaways: The Book Direct Show and VRMA 2022

  • Scotland STL regulations Q4 2022

    20 min read

    Fiona Campbell, CEO of the ASSC, presents an update of STL Regulations and Proposed Planning Policy Consultations for Scotland.

  • Influence direct bookings

    10 min read

    Damian Sheridan of Scale Rentals and the Book Direct Network, presents 5 ways to influence direct bookings for short term rentals in 2023.

  • Short Term Rentals 2023

    2 min read

    On 22 November Bookster and Scale Rentals hosted Short Term Rentals: Planning for 2023. Watch the replay.

  • Airbnb Holiday Lets Scotland

    2 min read

    Watch the replay of the Airbnb & Bookster webinar: presenting the hottest changes in Airbnb to benefit your business.

  • Short Stay Summit 2022

    2 min read

    Bookster joined the panel on Challenges and Opportunities Responding to the Climate Emergency at the Short Stay Summit 2022.

  • Web Developers Clients

    4 min read

    Do you design or develop websites? We'll share how to build success for your clients, without reinventing the wheel.

  • Events 2022 Self Catering Rentals

    4 min read

    Would you like to talk to Team Bookster? We will be attending online self-catering events and live holiday rental tradeshows in the UK/ EU.

  • Short Stay Week 2021

    5 min read

    The Short Stay Week of 2021 invited 150+ speakers covering every aspect of the holiday bookings industry.

  • Sustainable Short Term Rentals

    4 min read

    Bookster joined the panel on 'Creating a Sustainable Footprint in Short Term Rentals' hosted by our partners SUPERHOG.

  • DBSS

    3 min read

    At the Direct Booking Success Summit 2022, we cover ‘Simple Techniques to attract the people you want.'

  • VITUR 2021

    3 min read

    At VITUR 2021 we answered 'How Property Managers Can Compete With OTAs to Drive Direct Bookings'.

  • VRWS

    4 min read

    At VRWS 2021 we joined expert speakers to discuss how technology is developing in the vacation rental industry.

  • The Book Direct Show

    5 min read

    Bookster presents 'Marketing Plans for people who don't do marketing' at The Book Direct Show 2022, alongside inspiring industry experts.

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