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  • Don't just recover, plan growth. - Merilee Karr of the Short Term Accommodation Association join Kelly Odor to discuss strategies that property managers should undertake to ensure growth.

    Don't just recover, plan growth

    Use 2020 to plan how your short term accommodation business will come out of COVID19 stronger and ready for challenges of 2021.

  • Book Direct Toolkit - A Book Direct Toolkit to help property managers manager their SEO and marketing strategy to attract new guests to book on their website.

    Book Direct Toolkit

    Now more than ever, getting direct bookings on your own website is vital. Our Book Direct Toolkit will support your SEO and Marketing plans.

  • Vacation Rental Event: May 2020 with AirDNA - Special guest speaker Florian Stich from AIRDNA at the Vacation Rental meet-up

    Meet-up: AirDNA Summary

    Florian will be joining us live from AirDNA to talk through the future for holiday rentals in the UK during our May Webinar. Join us!

  • Departures report for cleaners - A report which shows the upcoming departures for holiday rental properties

    Departures report for cleaners

    Do your cleaners need a list of all departures for the properties they are responsible for? Our new departures report provides this information in a simple, secure view.

  • Wishbox and Bookster partnership - Bookster and Wishbox integration to offer premium services in the vacation rental industry

    Wishbox and Bookster

    Read more about the launch of the Bookster Holiday Rentals Property Management System connection with Wishbox.

  • Bookster New Website - Booksters new website is designed to provide you with a better experience.

    New website design

    We're excited to launch the new design for our website. Find out why we did it, and how it will help you.

  • Booking data downloads made easy (© Bookster)

    Download booking data

    Many Governments are providing some financial support via grants for holiday rentals managers struggling as a result of Covid-19.

    The property managers must meet strict criteria in order to receive these grants.

    As part of the application for Government support, property managers need supporting evidence of bookings during this period.

  • vacation rental event April 2020 with HHA - Special guest speaker for the vacation rental even in April 2020 will be Martin Sach from Holiday Home Association (HHA).

    Meetup April 2020 Summary

    Join us in our first live webinar! Martin Sach, Chief Executive of the Holiday Home Association will be sharing his knowledge and advice for property managers across the UK.

  • Bookster Support NHS Worker Accommodation - The team behind the NHS worker accommodation

    Bookster Support NHS Workers

    Check out the latest development from Bookster, support for NHS workers during COVID19 (Coronavirus).

  • COVID19 UK Resources - A list of UK Resources to help UK businesses deal with COVID-19

    COVID19 UK Resources

    Helpful resources for UK holiday rental managers during COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

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