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Updates, changes and new features in Bookster

  • 07


    July 2020 Release Notes

    In June we continued to work hard behind the scenes on features that will help Bookster clients save time and get more bookings.

    However, there were still plenty of lovely changes this month.

  • 06


    June 2020 Release notes

    For this release, in anticipation for the loosening of lockdown restrictions around the world, we have been focusing on the speed of availability searching and price generation. This should give a boost to direct booking conversion as interest in booking holiday homes picks up.

    We have completely rewritten how we generate and store pricing information within Bookster to allow quicker creation of caches and much faster price & availability querying across your holiday rentals.

  • 05


    May 2020 Release notes

    While in lockdown, we are continuing to work on some major improvements behind the scenes. This release sees some smaller improvements and updates.

    Our TripAdvisor connection continues to get some attention while we introduce a new departures view useful for turnaround teams. We have also added a new interface for moving the balance due date of existing bookings.

  • 04


    March and April 2020 Release notes

    We improved the way you can search for bookings and other items as well as added some additional features so that we could launch a website aimed at helping NHS Workers get rent-free accommodation during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

  • 02


    February 2020 Release notes

    The smoother the booking process is via your website, the more likely you are to convert a website visitor into a guest. We are constantly looking for ways to increase conversion through your Bookster Website.

  • 12


    December 2019 release notes

    We are introducing a new way to apply Extras, Add-ons, Discounts and promo codes.

    Apply across properties, channels and dates all from one powerful place.

  • 11


    November 2019 release notes

    This month we have been focusing on getting our new look and feel for Bookster polished up. We hope you love it as much as we do!

    We have also added the ability to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe.

    Connected to via the Bookster Channel Manager? View and respond to your reviews from within Bookster!

  • 10


    October 2019 release notes

    A long-standing feature request is included in this release - the ability to add one use only prices for specific dates that can be added in an 'ad-hoc' fashion.

  • 09


    September 2019 release notes

    We are directly integrating with a major new channel: TripAdvisor! Open up your properties to take bookings via the reviews behemoth and Bookster will sync up everything that matters related to prices and bookings

  • 08


    August 2019 release notes

    On September 14 2019, European regulation (PSD2) will mandate Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments. We are updating Bookster to allow our clients to meet the new standards as simply and easily as possible.

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