September 2018 release notes

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Try out the new Bookster availability calendar beta today

September 2018 release (© 2018 Tribalogic Ltd)

We have pushed out another update to Bookster that includes a new availability calendar, updates to the Dashboard and lots of little fixes to make your life easier

There is a new calendar view to play with in Bookster


Availability calendar (beta)

There is a new calendar view to play with in Bookster.

  • more mobile friendly
  • shows availability blocks, bookings and iCal import blocks
  • allows the creation of blocks and bookings by clicking on a date
  • shows when no check-in restrictions apply
  • shows when there are no rates set so the property is not bookable


We have added a "week" to the links on the Dashboard that will show up if you have received any bookings within the last week.

When you log into Bookster you get a snapshot of the bookings that have been made in the last month and year.  We have now also added "week" to that list.

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • Notes against Bookings and Properties can now be deleted
  • Bookster Free users can now see the available channels available if they were to upgrade
  • We have fixed an issue that could cause HTML to show up in FeeFo reviews displayed on Bookster Custom Websites
  • We have fixed a bug that would sometime cause Promo Codes not to be saved
  • We have improved the tool that imports historic bookings into Bookster from
  • We have fixed a problem that would have caused Extra Persons pricing interface to fail in some browsers
  • In the JSON property export from Bookster, we have added 3rd party reviews
  • Within the Guest Area, it is now impossible to make a payment against a cancelled booking even if you have a link to the payment page
  • In some circumstances, Bookster would pull in a Booking from RentalsUnited in the wrong currency - we have sorted that now
Bookster Dashboard - See bookings made in the last week (© 2018 Tribalogic)
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