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Rates Guide

Boost revenue & occupancy using data on guest booking trends!.

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Make accurate pricing decisions for your properties based on industry-leading data of market rates, powered by AirDNA.

  • Identify opportunities to earn higher revenue
  • Identify opportunities to increase occupancy
  • Compare your rates with the average daily rates of the market according to your pricing strategy
  • Review seasonality, weekend, holidays and other trends which affect the market prices
  • Have confidence that you are earning the market value for your properties or owner properties.

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  • Business Owner
  • Marketing Manager
  • Pricing Manager
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You can set this up yourself.

No third party services required.

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What does it do?

Suggest and compare rates for your holiday rental within Bookster

  • Compare your rates with market prices over 1 night, 3 nights and 7 nights
  • Suggests rates strategies to maximise occupancy, earn maximum revenue, or the moderate prices in between
  • Set the suggestions to have a minimum and maximum rates per night
  • View rates for up to a year in advance.


Additional cost?
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Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
You can set this up yourself.
Do I need an Airbnb account to use Smart Rates?
Yes, the data for your property is collected from Airbnb by AirDNA, and so you must have an active Airbnb account for your properties to use this feature.

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