Universal rates

Universal rates

Apply rates across multiple properties in a single click.

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Experience the thrill of saving time! Harness the power of our Universal Rates to add rates to similar properties, at the speed of light! 🚀

  • Add rates to similar properties quickly
  • Change rates on similar properties all at the same time
  • Extend your booking calendar dates on multiple properties in one go!

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  • Business Owner
  • Pricing Manager
Quick overview
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No third party services required.

No additional costs.

What does it do?

  • Create 1 or more templates with your rates
  • Create multiple rates templates to suit your property portfolio
  • Import and adjust rates from an existing property to a template, or start from scratch
  • Name your template, eg, High-end property, 1 bed city flats etc
  • Apply the template rates to multiple properties in your subscription
  • Update the template rates to update rates on multiple properties
  • Extend the dates of your rates across multiple similar properties.


Additional cost?
Which plan is it availble in?
  • Max
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
Click on Universal Rates in the Settings of your Bookster account.
If I remove the property from the template, what rates will apply to the property?
The property's rates will revert back to the rates you previously had in the Property Rates section.
Can I use Dynamic Pricing with Universal Rates?
No, these two features cannot be combined.

No setup fees. No contracts.

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- Robin, Managing Director

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