Accounting Data Export

Save time providing reliable exports for your accountants.

Effortlessly export your business data into spreadsheets, ready for importing into accounting software such as Xero. No manual entry required!

  • Export accurate data in a single click, saving hours (and hours) per month
  • Work in harmony with Owner Statements
  • Adjust to fit your business and accounting requirements.

What does it do?

Easily set up additional parameters, to reduce the need for additional alterations in the spreadsheet. Export the data in a single click.

  • Export bookings data
  • Export booking extras
  • Show commission paid to channels and owners
  • Extract 'Extras' data and highlight it in custom columns
  • Split Agent billed extras and Client billed extras
  • Create custom categories in the Line Type. Additional charges can be assigned to these categories.
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Additional cost?
Does it require a 3rd party service?
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We help you set this up.
Do I use Accounting Data Export with Owner Statements?
Yes, these two tools work together to generate accurate bookings data for your account.

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