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Attract guest bookings with automated offers & discounts.

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Personalised promotional codes, discounts and long-stay discounts incentivising bookings during your low seasons, added across properties in 1 click.

  • Attract repeat customers using Promotional Codes
  • Incentivise new bookings with special offers
  • Attract longer stays with Long Stay Discounts
  • Add value for your guests with free or paid for additional services.

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What does it do?

Use promotional offers to add value to the services you provide your guests.

  • Create vouchers and unique discount codes
  • Offer free or additional cost items eg bottle of champagne on arrival
  • Provide fixed price or % discounts - per booking / per person
  • Provide a fixed discount or create multiple long stay discounts over different lengths of stay
  • Apply at all times and to all channels (All packages)
  • Apply during specific periods (Bookster Pro & Max packages)
  • Apply to specific channels (Bookster Max package only)
  • Add notes for the cleaners so they are informed of any pre-arrival tasks required
  • Easy toggle on/off
  • Flexibly incoporate into Accountants Exports.


Additional cost?
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
Discounts are held and managed in the 'Settings' of the Bookster software. They can also be viewed in each property.
How many Long-Stay Discounts can I add?
It is possible to add multiple Long-Stay Discounts across different lengths of stay.
How many Promotional Codes can I add?
You can add an unlimited number of Promotional Codes per property.
For Promotional Codes, how is the % discount calculated?
On Promotional Codes the % discount is calculated on the total value of the booking.

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