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Email notifications

Keep guests, owners & employees informed.

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Use automated branded email notifications to communicate clearly with all parties through the entire sales process!

  • Keep guests informed from their booking to their arrival
  • Keep owners, managers and cleaners up to date with essential details
  • Ensure payments and damage deposits are paid on time.

Send emails to guests, and copy in your owners, cleaners, concierges and your team.

Designed to help…

Great for…

  • Business Owner
  • Booking Administrator
  • Guest Liaison
  • Cleaner
  • Maintenance Employee

Quick overview
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You can set this up yourself.

No third party services required.

No additional costs.

What does it do?

Automated email notifications are sent to guests and the Account Owner, and can be sent to selected colleagues too.

Automated email notifications are designed for maximum efficiency, to ensure that your guests and your business are kept informed at all essential stages of the reservation.

  • New bookings confirmation
  • When balance is due, overdue and paid
  • Changes to the booking
  • When damage deposit is due, overdue, and paid
  • 24 hours prior to arrival
  • When damage deposit is refunded, partially refunded or withheld
  • Cancelled bookings


Additional cost?
Which plan is it availble in?
  • Free
  • Lite
  • Pro
  • Max
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
You can set this up yourself.
What can be changed in the automated email notifications?
These emails can be customised with your branded icon and business details, however the content cannot be changed.
Will Booksters name show on the automated email notifications?
No, Bookster will not be visible on any of your communications.
Can I send extra emails to my guests?
Yes, you can use the integrated Email marketing tool to send extra messages to your guests.
What is the schedule for balance reminders going out?
The first message will be sent 10 days before the balance is due. If it is not paid additional messages will go on days 4,3,2,1 (stopping if it gets paid e.g. if it gets paid on day 3; the emails on days 2 and 1 would not be sent)

No setup fees. No contracts.

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- Robin, Managing Director

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