• Apple Pay and Google Pay

    3 min read

    Take guest payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe

  • SEO backlinks

    4 min read

    Improve your position in Google or Bing

  • Channel Manager Short Lets

    3 min read

    Being on a variety of booking portals can attract different markets, or guests to your properties. But how can you manage this with ease?

  • Flexible rate management

    3 min read

    Use the Rates Management Calendar to update your rates by season, month, or on a day-by-day basis.

  • Tips rental booking software

    4 min read

    Robin Morris of Bookster highlights 4 important tips for anyone choosing a new holiday rental management software.

  • Concierge tips

    3 min read

    Advice from Eddie Harper of Harpers Concierge for managing your holiday rentals.

  • VR Event: Get Direct

    4 min read

    Watch the replay as Robin Morris and Lyle Markle share their insights on how to attract direct bookings for self-catering homes.

  • Tips holiday lets website

    4 min read

  • Bookster Events 2020

    1 min read

    Meet and learn with Bookster.

  • Short Let Rentals Essentials

    3 min read

  • TripAdvisor and Bookster

    3 min read

    Use Bookster to boost your vacation rental revenue with TripAdvisor.

  • manage holiday rental lets

    4 min read

    Are you new to managing holiday rentals? Here are the top tips from industry experts.

  • PSD2

    3 min read

    Bookster is fully compatible with SCA regulations as part of our commitment to protect our clients.

  • STL Accounting Export

    3 min read

    Export bookings data to your Accountant and Xero

  • VR event ASSC 2019

    7 min read

    Learn the changes proposed by the Scottish Government and local councils, and the responses from the ASSC.

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