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  • SEO Content

    4 min read

  • PMS Developments 2018

    5 min read

    2018 has been an exciting year here at Bookster!

  • Guest Relationships

    4 min read

  • Property Owner Statements

    4 min read

    How do you manage your Owner Accounts?

  • Bookster supports Owner Relationships

    Developing good, strong relationships to create positive property owners experiences is key for all holiday rental management companies.

  • Increase bookings on Booking.com

    How to optimise your holiday rental properties on the Booking.com extranet to increase bookings during the low seasons.

  • Autumn

    5 min read

    Focus on how to boost reservations and attract guests during the Autumn shoulder season.

  • SEO Use keywords

    4 min read

  • Assistance Dogs

    4 min read

    We spoke with Pamela Munro, Engagement Officer at Guide Dogs for details on the UK law of assistance dogs in self-catering properties.

  • Customer Questionnaire Summary 2018

  • 4 ASSC roundtable insights

  • SEO keywords

    4 min read

    So now you have a holiday let website, what's next? The journey to maximise the number of visitors to your site has only just begun.

  • Bookster and Worldpay collaboration

    In June 2018 Bookster announced the payment gateway collaboration with Worldpay, a dedicated UK payments provider.

  • Bookster and GDPR

    There are new data protection regulations coming into force: "General Data Protection Regulation" or GDPR as the world is coming to know it.

  • NEW! Fremont template

    3 min read

    Show off your holiday rental property and impress your visitors with our slick new website template.

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