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  • Fremont theme homepage design - The modern stylish design of Fremont by Bookster (© Tribalogic Ltd 2018)

    Stylish new Fremont template now available for your Bookster website

    Show off your holiday rental property and impress your visitors with our slick new website template.

  • Insights Data - Insights data to provide management information on booking and customers.

    Property Booking Insights

    Use Booking Insights to get a real time data overview of the performance of your vacation rental business.

  • vacation-rental-search-google

    Google's Vacation Rental Search

    Google has vacation rental searching which has been available in one form or another for around 9 months.

  • analytics on a laptop

    Why website conversion matters for holiday lets

    5 mins read

    Not all websites are created equal. Some look better than others. But what’s really important is how well they work.

  • cluttered-pile-of-books

    Tips to improve your holiday rental website conversion rates

    Is your holiday rental website an e-commerce website? If you take bookings - the answer is yes.

  • Bookster the best PMS partner of Booking.com - Benefit from the Bookster PMS partnership with Booking.com

    Bookster PMS partner of Booking.com

    4 mins read

    Use Bookster to boost your vacation rental revenue with Booking.com.

  • searchingforholidayrentals-2

    Advertising a vacation rental

    Marketing strategy for holiday let owners and managers.

  • Reading emails on the go

    Email marketing - too powerful to ignore

    4 mins read

    Email marketing to prospective vacation rental guests is essential. You should be doing it right now.

  • Door lock

    Property access codes

    Give your guest access without the meet and greet.

  • Woman booking a holiday online

    Create a clear booking experience

    3 mins read

    When you use Bookster PMS, and a guest books your holiday rental, what steps do they go through?

  • Making the most of bad reviews
  • Rentals United and Bookster - Rentals United Channel Manager

    Rentals United Channel Manager and Bookster PMS partnership

    List on 60+ global channels with Rentals United

  • stop-watch-2

    Speed up, premium dates, repeat guests & more

    This month, we have pushed a whole host of updates to Bookster.

  • Image of a laptop and a cup of coffee

    I've got a website… where are all the bookings?

    Having a website is great - but getting that website to perform requires a little more love.

  • Direct bookings

    5 reasons to target direct bookings

    When seeking to fill your holiday rentals, why are direct bookings so important?

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