Multi Property Search Engine

Make it easy to book your properties

Allow your web visitors to easily search for availability across all your properties on your non-Bookster website. Designed for maximum conversions.

  • Easy search
  • Beautiful design with your brand logo
  • Displays to visitors their ideal property
  • Increases conversion on your non-Bookster website

What does it do?

Allows your web visitors to easily search across all your properties simultaneously using the data and features filters.

  • Seamlessly fits in your non-Bookster website
  • Clickable filters
  • 2 step booking process
  • Branded logo of your business
Multi Property Booking Engine - An example of the Multi Property Booking Engine function to allow a guest to Search and Book Now for any property search.
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We help you set this up.

No third party services required.

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How do I get it?
We help you set this up.
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