Be a channel

Be a channel

Increase revenue by listing Bookster properties.

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Advertise other agencies properties on your website to boost your revenue:

  • Offer more property options to satisfy visitors
  • Take commission for every booking
  • Grow your brand image, locally and nationally
  • Increase Google visibility through inbound linking.
Quick overview
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What does it do?

Appear as a Channel within Bookster and allow Bookster Users to request to list*

* Subject to approval

  • List Bookster client properties on your Bookster Hosted Custom website
  • Other Bookster clients can request to list on your website
  • Take bookings on behalf of other Bookster clients
  • Accept or decline requests to list
  • Preview properties that request to list
  • One click process to turn-on, accept, reject and turn-off.


Additional cost?
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
Take me there
How do I collect my commission?
Bookster lets you set an 'initial payment' amount that we recommend you set at the same level as your commission to avoid additional administrative overhead.
Do I have to accept all Bookster properties?
No, you can review the listing and accept or reject the request.
Does my website need to be hosted with Bookster to be a channel?
Yes, due to the infrastructure that ensures the channel works smoothly across all our clients you will need to have a Bookster hosted custom website to be eligible to become a Bookster channel.

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- Robin, Managing Director

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