July 2019 release notes

Written by Robin Morris

Improvements to the and Rentals United Channels and to Owner Statements.

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We continue to strengthen and deepen our integrations with and Rentals United.

Our "Owner Statements" for automatically generating monthly PDF statements and invoices to your property owners is also being updated continuously in response to client feedback.

Support having more than one Bookster Subscription with the same Rentals United account

Major updates and improvements

Rentals United Channel Manager

  • Support having more than one Bookster Subscription with the same Rentals United account
    • Useful if you want your Property Owners to directly pay for Bookster but would like to manage Rentals United channels yourself.
  • Honour Late Booking Offset when pushing availability.

Our partnership with Rentals United continues to develop, as we work closely with them to synchronise more holiday rental data. Channel Connection

  • Sync check-in/out times along with the pets policy.
  • Deal with the case that the card is already marked as invalid.

In May our direct content synchronisation with was enhanced to send even more data automatically to this marketing channel.  

Owner Statements

This development aims to improve Owner Relationships, and save Property Agencies hours each month as they arrange Owner Statements for large numbers of properties. 

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Fix a timezone issue when dealing with last-minute booking offsets in the booking calendars.
  • Improve display of User Reviews on Bookster Custom Websites.
  • Fix a problem that was preventing Welcome emails in our Automatic Notification Emails sent to Guests.
  • Guest Area - fix a scroll width issue caused by border.
  • Enquiry on Bookster Custom Websites: permitting multiple property enquiry forms on one page if required.
  • Ensure that the the default of "Late Booking Offset" is two days for new Bookster clients.
  • User Reviews: on Bookster Custom Websites, allow the author to be the real name, username or hide the name altogether.
  • When changing content API settings, don't try and publish all Properties.
  • Channel Manager: close a race condition that occurs when properties go offline.

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