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Developing good, strong relationships to create positive property owners experiences is key for all holiday rental management companies.

Holiday property owner relationships - Bookster supports Property managers and their relationships with tools and resources to create a positive Owners Experience.

This process starts with attracting new property owners with suitable holiday home accommodation then working closely to meet their needs, to retain the owners in your business.

Bookster is fully aware of the need to support you by supporting your owners, and have dedicated resources to the provision of a suite of tools and features which help agencies optimise these relationships and create a positive owners experience.

How does Bookster support Owner Relationships?

As with any relationship, building good owner relationships requires a good deal of effort, so Bookster works supports your holiday lettings company and your owners in two ways:

  • building a portfolio of attractive properties by attracting new owners to work with you, and
  • maintaining strong relationships with your owners through clear, easy to understand communication.

So what is our goal?

Our goal is to help your business grows profitably, with the number of holiday rental properties under management growing in-line with your business plans, with attractive apartments, villas and homes in your portfolio.

We do this by providing the following time and resource saving tools within the Bookster property management system:

  • Owner log-ins
    These provide a special access to the property management software, providing core information and actionable tasks for their needs, without revealing private guest information.
    There are multiple access levels for owners, depending on their management needs to block out dates and change prices.
  • Owner communications
    The Bookster holiday rental management software has developed reliable, automated messages to alert the owner when the property reservation has been made, cancelled or adjusted so they stay fully informed.
  • Owner property data
    All Owners have access to Arrival & departure iCal feeds, so they can see at a glance when the property is booked out.
  • Dedicated owner pages on the Bookster custom websites
    Custom websites can include tailored pages to attract new owners to join your agency. These are important pages within the bespoke webs, bringing new property owners to work with your vacation rental company.
  • Owner statements (in progress!)
    A feature which provides detailed payment information to your property owners on the payments due to them, with deductions detailed clearly.

Bookster believes in #ExperiencesMatter, so we a dedicated to providing tools and features within our property management software to support the Owner Experience, the Guest Experience and the Property Managers Experience. If you’d like to discuss this further, feel free to contact us

Keep an eye on our Change Log and watch out for future blog updates on our new developments.

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