Bookster User Roles

Bookster has specific roles for your owners, cleaners, team members or clients.

Once a user has registered on your site, we can assign them specific permissions and privileges - this is especially helpful for turnover, cleaning and maintenance staff.

  Account owner Full property Pricing manager Owner Guest Liaison Maintenance Manager
View arrival and departure dates
View Guest contact details (e.g. email, phone etc.)
Update Availability
Update Prices
Update Property details (photos, descriptions etc.)
View Bookings value
Add new properties
Add manual bookings
Account (update payment details etc.)

User roles FAQs

Can I assign users to specific properties?

Yes, you can assign users directly to properties from the property page - click the 'User access...' link.

Can I assign user roles to my staff?

Not yet. We are working on a feature that allows you to do it yourself. In the meantime we can do it for you - free of charge.

Can I create new user roles?

No, not currently. However, your feedback is hugely important for us to improve our product. Please reach out to us directly if you would like specific user roles / permission changes.