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  • Vitur 2021 conference Malaga - Vitur 2021 conference will be held in Malaga, Spain. Bookster will be presenting in the panel on 29th October 2021.

    VITUR 2021

    Bookster will be part of the panel on 'How Property Managers Can Compete With OTAs to Drive Direct Bookings' at VITUR 2021. Join us there!

  • Creating diverse and inclusive images - Bookster has created the Inclusivity project, to review images, photos and icons to be more diverse and inclusive.

    Creating diverse and inclusive images

    The team at Bookster has begun an Inclusivity Project, beginning with a review of our images, photos and icons on our website and in our videos. Find out how we're getting on.

  • Case Study Bookster and Voilà Villas Dordogne - Voilà Villas Dordogne talk through their experiences of working with Bookster property management platform with integrated channel manager and custom website.

    Case Study: Voila Villas Dordogne

    We talked with Joni and Ross about their journey with Voila Villas Dordogne, and their experiences with a French adventure. Read on...

  • payments-made-easy

    Improve your payments system

    It can be time consuming doing all the financial paperwork.

    We've made it simple. Because experiences matter.

  • your-team

    Managing your team with ease

    Keeping on top of all the little things that need to be done can be difficult.

    So we made it easier. Because experiences matter.

  • guest-reviews

    Gathering guest reviews

    Bookster helps automate the process and lets you moderate, respond and display the guest reviews on your website.

    We've made it simple. Because experiences matter.

  • happy-owners

    Keep your owners happy

    It's not just guests that need to be kept happy. Your property owners do too.

    We've made it easier. Because experiences matter.

  • guest-experiences

    Helping manage your guest experiences

    Bookster has the tools to help you to become more efficient in managing your guest experiences.

    We're here to help your business, because experiences matter.

  • holiday-rental-websites

    Bookster's template websites

    Bookster offers template websites free with all our packages designed to help you get commission free bookings.

    Because experiences matter.

  • Case Study: Bookster and igloo - A case study of igloo as they joined Bookster to create their website and support the management of their holiday rentals in the Highlands.

    Case Study: igloo

    We discussed with Erin and Nick how igloo was conceived, and their experiences so far. Read on...

  • save-time

    Save time managing rentals

    Managing holiday rentals can be time-consuming.

    So we made it easier. Because experiences matter.

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