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  • Essential cCleaning COVID19 guidelines - Invite to the Bookster Vacation Rental Meet-up with Jill Mason of Cleaning Certification and Fiona Campbell of the ASSC.
  • COVID19 Cleaning buffer - Booksters new feature, the Cleaning buffer, designed for property managers who want a safe period, or buffer between guest departures and arrivals.

    COVID19 Cleaning buffer

    The latest in developments in response to client requests for a Cleaning buffer between guest stays. Check out why and how to use this feature.

  • Vacation Rental meet-up event with Bookster - Robin from Bookster will present the tools and features to help you restart your vacation rental business after COVID19.

    Meetup: Restart with Bookster Summary

    Robin from Bookster answered your questions and talked through the tools in Bookster to help you restart your business in 2020. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

  • Book Direct Toolkit - A Book Direct Toolkit to help property managers manager their SEO and marketing strategy to attract new guests to book on their website.

    Book Direct Toolkit

    Now more than ever, getting direct bookings on your own website is vital. Our Book Direct Toolkit will support your SEO and Marketing plans.

  • Departures report for cleaners - A report which shows the upcoming departures for holiday rental properties

    Departures report for cleaners

    Do your cleaners need a list of all departures for the properties they are responsible for? Our new departures report provides this information in a simple, secure view.

  • Booking data downloads made easy (© Bookster)

    Download booking data

    Many Governments are providing some financial support via grants for holiday rentals managers struggling as a result of Covid-19.

    The property managers must meet strict criteria in order to receive these grants.

    As part of the application for Government support, property managers need supporting evidence of bookings during this period.

  • Property Management System Developments 2019 - New developments in 2019 for Bookster Property Management System

    Property Management System Developments 2019

    2019 has been filled with change, not least here at Bookster! We've listened to new legislation and your feedback and taken action to make major improvements to our Property Management System.

  • New look for Bookster software - Now live - the new look and style of the Bookster software.

    A new design for our platform

    Have you seen the new style of our Bookster software yet? It's designed to be easier to use, and we love it. What do you think?

  • Discounts, Charges and Extras for holiday rentals - Our new style of Discounts, Charges and Extras revolutionise the way you manage your holiday rentals.

    Selling extras in holiday rentals

    We've added some swish new options to our Add-ons and Extras and Promo codes features, with more flexibility, new features, and the ability to apply across multiple properties. Read on for more.

  • Flexible Long Stay Discount for holiday rentals - Launch of the updated Long Stay Discounts feature within Bookster property management system for holiday rentals.

    Long Stay Discounts

    Long Stay Discounts have been upgraded with more discount options, and a slick process to apply across multiple properties. Read on...

  • Rates Management for holdiay rentals - New rates management style and ad-hoc rates options for property management for holiday rentals.

    Flexible rate management

    Introducing our new look for the Rates Management Calendar, with a truly flexible option to add daily/weekly ad-hoc rates whenever you choose.

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