• The Book Direct Show

    5 min read

    Bookster presents 'Marketing Plans for people who don't do marketing' at The Book Direct Show 2022, alongside inspiring industry experts.

  • Diverse inclusive images

    3 min read

    At Bookster we have started a project to create diverse and inclusive images to use across our brand from our website and in our videos.

  • 5 tips direct bookings

    4 min read

    It is crucial that property managers attract website bookings; but how do you do it? Check out 5 tips to help you attract more bookings.

  • Matterport and Bookster

    4 min read

    Bookster now incorporates Matterport videos to your property listings, helping to convert more guests and fill your online calendars.

  • StayJam playbook 2021

    5 min read

    Highlights from two articles on creating custom websites that convert visitors to guests and Email Marketing.

  • PMS Developments 2020

    6 min read

    Discover what our software engineers have been working hard on throughout the year, building new services and enhancing existing features.

  • Property Hive and Bookster

    3 min read

    Bookster is now partnered with Property Hive, offering even more opportunities for property managers using Wordpress websites.

  • Bookster's Instant Websites

    3 min read

    Have a great-looking, customised website up and running in no time at all.

  • Building effective websites

    4 min read

    Watch the replay as Robin Morris and Lyle Markle share their success and failures in making custom websites.

  • Positano Template website

    2 min read

    The Positano website uses a strong image-led design to attract bookings through your Instat Website.

  • SEO Toolkit

    4 min read

    Now more than ever, getting direct bookings on your own website is vital. Our Book Direct Toolkit will support your SEO and Marketing plans.

  • New website design

    2 min read

    A new website on booksterhq.com

  • A new design for our platform

  • SEO backlinks

    4 min read

    Improve your position in Google or Bing

  • VR Event: Get Direct

    4 min read

    Watch the replay as Robin Morris and Lyle Markle share their insights on how to attract direct bookings for self-catering homes.

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