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Written by Robin Morris

The experience of booking a holiday rental should be easy and that is what Bookster seeks to acheive.

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When a guest books a vacation rental on Bookster, what steps do they go through?

  1. Make a payment - pick dates, agree to terms, select options and reserve the property.
  2. Confirmed - the guest sees a summary page and gets an email, both with a link to the secure password protected Guest Area.
  3. Guest Area - view and interact with the booking (e.g. make payments, get property access details).

What are the best emails for guests? 

Bookster has a clear philosophy for the booking process grounded in the best possible guest experience.

Instant booking

A booking should be confirmed by actions of the guest, not by the property manager. This is not something that all property managers like to offer but from a guest's perspective is critical. 

If a guest can't book their holiday on your website, they will head back to Google faster than you can say "turnaround!".

Easy on any device

Guests should not have to get their laptop out to book your holiday rental. It is 2019 people! It is highly likely that more than half of your guests are browsing your website on a mobile device of some description.

Clear correspondence

Transactional emails are functional, should be clear and direct the guest on their booking journey. 

Bookster provides simple, limited branding options:

  • Booking confirmation 
  • Payment requests
  • Damage deposit requests
  • 1 day pre-arrival welcome emails. 

Bookster does not allow property managers to specify fully custom emails.

If the guest is being asked to do too much (understand a poorly worded, overly long, incoherent email) in one chunk, their booking experience will be degraded. 

A poor email can lead to many more interactions with the guest that drive your guest crazy before they have even stepped foot in your property.

Simplify ongoing interactions

The guest needs to know where to go back to for viewing and updating their booking. This place should be easy to get to and easy to use when they do get to on any device.

Bookster has a "Guest Area" to perform that role, and is one of many features of our Property Management System designed exclusively for holidays rentals.

Marketing email tools

For property managers wishing to build relationships with guests, there are the options to use the Marketing emails tool.

This uses bookings information to send personalised messages to guests pre- and post- arrival, post-departure and for newsletters. 

If you would like more information on how our tools can support your business, don't hesitate to get in touch, or request a demo

Bookster has everything you need to grow and manage your holiday rental business.

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