10 welcome pack items

Welcome pack for holiday rentals - An example welcome pack for holiday rentals. Guests will love this attention with delicious local products.

First impressions always count.

Why make a Welcome Pack?

When your guests arrive in your holiday rentals, they don’t want to arrive in a hotel room but they want to feel like home.

No matter if you rent a holiday cottage by the sea, a short-let city apartment or a vacation holiday home in the hills, a well thought out Welcome Pack or Welcome Basket can help them feel at home.

Did we mention that this will work towards earning you some great reviews, and getting repeat bookings too? Double results!

What to include in your Welcome Pack

We asked some of our clients to share what they include in their basic Welcome Pack. Here's what they said.

Firstly, always include a note to welcome your holiday rental guests.

The goal is to supplement the information in your Guest Area with a personal warm welcome. You could include personal recommendations for the city, with favourite cafes, restaurants and places to visit.

Remember to tailor recommendations to the type of guests you attract - those with small families will have different needs to couples on romantic breaks.

10 Welcome Pack ideas

  1. A hygiene pack of shampoo and soaps. Consider local producers and discuss possible collaborations to promote each other.
  2. A bottle of water in the refrigerator. If you're reducing plastic, then a water filter jug is a good alternative.
  3. A bottle of wine, Champagne or fruit juice. Tailor this to the type of guest, as couples, families with small children, business travellers all have different tastes.
  4. Chocolate. Most people enjoy chocolate, so this is always a winner. If there are children coming too, why not include a little something for them too?!
  5. Local products promote the area and support other small businesses. Cheese and honey are popular ideas for welcome pack.
  6. A candle is a popular option, or a handmade item from a local artisan. Many take these home as gifts for family and a souvenir for your guests.
  7. Tea, coffee, sugar and milk are always a welcome sight in any holiday let. 
  8. A discount in a local cafe. Again, work with your local businesses to find quality companies who will offer your guest a discount in return for your recommendation. 
  9. In season flowers are perfect to set the scene of a homely home. 
  10. Earplugs or eye masks are helpful for noisy areas. Guests who enjoy a good night sleep are happier guests.

Seasonal Welcome Packs

Take into account the time of year, as this could affect what you include.

Once you have attracted visitors during the Autumn months, swap out the cold white wine and replace it with hot chocolate packs!

And back in the summer season you could recommend places with terraces and gardens, and places with great ice-cream!

Personalise your Welcome Packs

Once you have nailed what to include in your basic Welcome Pack, you may start to consider how to take this a step further. One aspect to consider is personalising the contents by the type of guest that you attract. 

If you want to do a Welcome Pack make you sure that it is in coordination with your vacation rental guests.

If you are attracting couples to your short let apartment for a honeymoon or an anniversary, champagne and flowers are classic.

If your short let home attracts families, a fruit juice, a colouring-in book with pencils and maybe a bedtime story would be much appreciated.

If your guests are visiting with an Assistance or Guide Dog, perhaps include a Nylabone chew treat for them too!

Welcome Pack presentation

For any basic Welcome Pack, the presentation is important! Take time to consider how it looks, and look for inspiration on places like Pinterest.

A Welcome Pack can improve the guest experience, as all experiences matter in this amazing self-catering industry!

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