Holiday Lettings Channel Manager

Keep listings, pricing, availability, bookings and payments in sync with Holiday Lettings.

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Holiday Lettings - Holiday lettings channel, part of TripAdvisor

So how does it work?

When setting up the channel integration…

Photos, descriptions and location are published from Bookster to Holiday Lettings. Time saver!

Pricing in Bookster is published to Holiday Lettings - making it dead easy to manage!

When you get a booking…

Availability is synced between Bookster and Holiday Lettings to prevent double bookings.

Bookings are synced between Holiday Lettings and Bookster. Bookings you get through Holiday Lettings will be pulled into Bookster.

Payments can be taken through Bookster for bookings that come from Holiday Lettings - simple.

Quick overview
Holiday Lettings - Holiday lettings channel, part of TripAdvisor

Sync availability

No double bookings.

Publish property content

Manage photos, descriptions etc. in one place.

Publish pricing

Set all your rates in one place.

Sync bookings

All bookings. One place.

Take payments

Get paid directly through Bookster.


How much does it cost to sync with Bookster with Holiday Lettings?

We charge a small % fee (depending on your Bookster Plan) for the use of the Channel Manager. The fee is added to your monthly subscription.

Will Bookster create an account for me on Holiday Lettings?


Will Bookster create listings for me on Holiday Lettings?

No. You will need to create your own listing.

Will property content in Bookster (descriptions etc.) be pushed up to Holiday Lettings?

Yes. When using a Premium connection, property details will be pushed up to Holiday Lettings.

Will property details in Holiday Lettings (descriptions etc.) be pulled into Bookster?

No. Bookster does not pull in property content from Holiday Lettings.

How can I connect with Holiday Lettings?

By using our direct connection with TripAdvisor, your properties will automatically display on Holiday Lettings.

What's the minimum number of properties required to use the direct XML connection?

Holiday Lettings (via TripAdvisor) require at least 15 properties.

Sync and save.

Manage all your listings in one place. Simple.
- Robin, Managing Director

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