• Spectrum Breaks

    3 min read

    Holiday rental manager Colin Pratt, chose Bookster Property Management Software to manage bookings for his unique homes, Spectrum Breaks.

  • Killer first photos

    3 min read

    1st photos work really hard to attract bookings on Channels like Booking.com and on your website. Here are 6 tips to choose the best photo!

  • Dorian Fiscardo

    18 min read

    Luxury holiday rental homes, Dorian Fiscardo, uses Bookster's booking engine and channel manager to build their business, find out how.

  • Google Search Console guide

    A brief guide to using the Google Search Console and how it can help you attract more guests. It's free to use and can yield big results.

  • Book Direct Holiday Rentals

    5 min read

    Discover our insight into 'Book Direct' for holiday rentals, given in the interview with Damian Sheridan of the Book Direct Show.

  • Tips Direct Bookings

    4 min read

    We pulled together 3 great tips to help you increase your direct bookings and shared them with Damian Sheridan of the Book Direct Show.

  • DBSS

    3 min read

    At the Direct Booking Success Summit 2022, we cover ‘Simple Techniques to attract the people you want.'

  • Responsive Calendar Widget

    4 min read

    Bookster's Booking Calendar Widget is a responsive, Javascript-based calendar widget, easily placed on your non-Bookster websites.

  • The Book Direct Show

    5 min read

    Bookster presents 'Marketing Plans for people who don't do marketing' at The Book Direct Show 2022, alongside inspiring industry experts.

  • Direct Bookings holiday lets

    4 min read

    Find out why so many property managers are moving to attract direct booking through their own websites.

  • Short Stay Virtual Summit 2021

    Bookster joined Elaine Watt in the Short Stay Virtual Summit 2021, answering questions on attracting direct bookings.

  • Attract more self catering bookings

    Get more bookings via your own self-catering website using Bookster

  • Book Direct: Add videos

    8 min read

    Creating videos to introduce your company can set you apart from your competitors and attract more bookings.

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