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Written by Kelly Odor

Sync your holiday let property details and photos with Content - New enhancements to and Bookster channel manager connection
New enhancements to and Bookster channel manager connection

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The team at Bookster has been working on enhancements to our channel manager connection with global portal, We are proud to announce that this is now live, and available for all our self-catering clients.

Our latest changes offer even more property content to be automatically shared with directly from your Bookster account.

Not all Channel Managers are the same

How will your self-catering business benefit?

Using this improved automation will spare up valuable time that your team can spend on what's important to you, like increasing your summer revenue or attracting business travellers.

The enhanced connection means that you don't need to update your property data in both Bookster and as we will automatically synchronise even more of your self-catering property data.  

Property data syncronised

As a result of this change, the property data which will now be synchronised is:

  • Availability
  • Rates
  • Photos
  • Photo tags
  • Bookings
  • Payment cards accepted
  • Facilities section in Property listing details (All checkboxes)
  • Things to do nearby
  • Parking
  • Views
  • Capacity
  • Floor space
  • Children allowance
  • Crib (cots)

Important sync information

  • You can turn on your full property syncronisation in two clicks, which will update the data held in with the data from Bookster.

  • Enabling it will automatically turn it on for all your properties - no need for individually managing each property.

  • For even better results, there are new fields held in Property Listing Details (Facilities, Suitability) and Location (Views, Parking, Things to do nearby) which can also be completed for your properties before turning on the property synchronisation. 

Not all Channel Managers are the same

The quality of Channel Manager connections can vary greatly, and the data which is synchronised with a channel depends on the skills and resources of the company. 

Bookster has been building a strong connection with since 2017, and continuously works to develop this 2-way XML connection.

Our goal is to help our self catering clients get the best results from promoting properties on

Want to know more? 

If you need any further information relating to the connection, or any other aspect of the Bookster Channel Manager, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bookster has everything you need to grow and manage your holiday rental business.

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