2017 bookings overview

Written by Robin Morris

An overview of bookings taken for holiday rentals in Bookster during 2017.

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© Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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Here are some statistics relating to holiday rentals bookings within Bookster. Use these figures to benchmark your business.

A few top performers pushing over 100 bookings

  • The average number of nights booked was 4.5 nights per booking pointing to Bookster's urban (shorter stays) and rural (longer stays) mix of clients.
  • The typical booking was placed 91 days in advance of arrival (vs 85 days in 2016).
  • The value of each booking was £647 (vs £617 in 2016) on average.
  • was the biggest single channel with about 47% of bookings (37% of booking value) being placed via the world's largest OTA. Also a reflection of Bookster's tight integration with the accommodation giant.
  • A typical holdiay rental property using Bookster took between 40 and 65 bookings with a few top performers pushing over 100.

Compare these figures with the bookings statistics for 2018 for holiday rentals companies across the UK, Europe, America and the rest of the world. 

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