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Written by Robin Morris

This month, we have pushed a whole host of updates to Bookster.


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Same Bookster, just faster - we have released the first stage in a big push to make Bookster faster.


Log in and see if you can feel the speed up!

The next step will be more dramatic and we are hoping to get that out when we next update Bookster.

Premium dates on channels

Hold back the peak dates you know will sell - publish those you are struggling to shift.

With Bookster, leverage the power of marketing channels and OTAs when you need them most.

This will allow you to take commission free bookings through your own website for peak season.

Repeat guests

They loved your rental so much, they are back for more!

We have introduced a little notifier to highlight when a booking is from a previous customer and how many bookings they have made.

The lookup is based on the email address.

Other improvements include...

  • Guests can now reduce the number party members within the Guest Area before arrival
  • Fees for the use of the Channel Manager and now invoiced upon booking completion
  • The number of guests is now shown on the Arrivals Report to aid turnaround management

Bookster has everything you need to grow and manage your holiday rental business.

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