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Written by Lyle Markle

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Marketing channels are great for getting you bookings - but the commission can be tough to swallow. Bookster's promo code feature makes it easier to entice repeat guests to book direct.

Start with the contact details

Make sure to get your guest's contact details on arrival. It may seem like a no brainer - having the right contact details makes re-marketing to your guests far more effective.

Setup a promo code

  1. Login to Bookster
  2. Go to your property and click on the 'Promo codes' section (on the left hand side)
  3. Create a '+ New Promotion'

You can set up both price discounts or free items such as a bottle of wine with your promo code. When the guest uses the promo code while booking the offer will be redeemed.


Follow up with your guests

Now that you've set up your promo code - you want to make sure all of your past and present guests know about it.

Our email marketing tools make it easy to automate this process.

  1. Login to Bookster
  2. Click on 'email marketing' (along the top right)
  3. Click 'automation' - then build your email content

Using automations you can send triggered email messages to past guests e.g. you can send an email to the guest 8 months after their initial booking reminding them to book again for the coming year and include the promo code.

Be creative

Trying to think of new ways to market to you guests is always advantageous. Adding the promo code to your business card or welcome pack is a great start.

If a guest has a pleasant holiday experience with you - they are more likely to book a return visit with you again.

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