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  • Short Stay Week 2021, 25-26 November 2021 - Short Stay Week is a digital conference that will be held from the 22-26 November 2021 to help you get the most out of your holiday rental business.

    Short Stay Week 2021

    5 mins read

    The Short Stay Week of 2021 invited 150+ speakers covering every aspect of the holiday bookings industry.

  • The Booking Direct Success Summit 2021 - The direct booking success summit 2021 will be held online free of charge running from 16-18 November. Bookster will be presenting on 16 November 2021.

    The Direct Booking Success Summit 2021

    At the Direct Booking Success Summit 2021, we covered ‘Use your Superpowers to beat the OTAs’.

  • Vitur 2021 conference Malaga - Vitur 2021 conference will be held in Malaga, Spain. Bookster will be presenting in the panel on 29th October 2021.

    VITUR 2021

    3 mins read

    At VITUR 2021 we answered 'How Property Managers Can Compete With OTAs to Drive Direct Bookings'.

  • Vacation Rental World Summit 2021 (VRWS) - Bookster presented at Vacation Rental World Summit (VRWS) 2021. (© By Nicolas Champavert)

    Vacation Rental World Summit VRWS 2021

    4 mins read

    At VRWS 2021 we joined expert speakers to discuss how technology is developing in the vacation rental industry.

  • Bookster at The Book Direct Show 2021 - The team of Bookster participated in The Book Direct Show 2021. (© Jonathan Smith - thamespath @ Flikr)

    The Book Direct Show 2021

    5 mins read

    Bookster joined the panel on 'Embracing Inclusivity - The Opportunities For Accommodation Providers' at The Book Direct Show 2021.

  • Top Tips for new self-catering businesses - Advice from Erin McBean and Nick Lyon of igloo on how to start a new self-catering business.

    Top tips for new self-catering businesses

    Erin McBean and Nick Lyon of igloo, talked us through their advice for launching a new holiday rentals business.

  • Short Stay Summit 2021 - Join Elaine Watt and her 30 guest speakers over 3 days.

    Short Stay Virtual Summit 2021

    Bookster joined Elaine Watt in the Short Stay Virtual Summit 2021, answering questions on attracting direct bookings.

  • Building selfcatering brands through inclusivity - Damian Sheridan of Book Direct Network, Anne-Marie Barry of Guide Dogs, Victoria O'Connell of GoLightly, and Lyn Hetherington, volunteer for Guide Dogs will be joining Kelly Odor of Bookster, as we talk through building your self-catering brand through inclusivity.

    Building brands through inclusivity

    Making your brand inclusive is a great way to attract more guests and give them the opportunity to book with your business.

  • Bookster articles in StayJam 2021 - Bookster articles written by Lyle Markle, Art Director and Andy McNicoll, Marketing Specialist for StayJam 2021

    StayJam playbook 2021

    Download your copy of the PlayJam 2021, including our 2 articles on creating custom websites that convert visitors to guests and Email Marke

  • Vacation Rental meet-up event with Bookster - Robin from Bookster will present the tools and features to help you restart your vacation rental business after COVID19.

    Meetup: Restart with Bookster Summary

    3 mins read

    Robin Morris CEO of Bookster talked through the tools in Bookster to help you restart your business in 2020.

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