September 2019 release notes

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Getting ready for taking payments using PS2 Strong Customer Authentication

We are directly integrating with a major new channel: TripAdvisor! Open up your properties to take bookings via the reviews behemoth and Bookster will sync up everything that matters related to prices and bookings

We have completely rewritten how Bookster takes payments with Stripe

Taking Payments: PS2 SCA compliance

Bookster is now ready for the new PS2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) that is on the way from 14th September 2019.

We have completely rewritten how Bookster takes payments with Stripe and also updated the way we take payments from Sagepay and Worldpay to be ready for the new SCA requirements.

Although the compliance deadline in the UK has been pushed back 18 months from 14th September, compliance will still be needed to accept payments from other European areas.


We are now looking for Beta Testers for our direct (API) integration with TripAdvisor!

If you have 15 or more properties that are either already on TripAdvisor or you would like to get on to TripAdvisor, let us know.

The Bookster <-> TripAdvisor connection will sync:

  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Property details
  • Bookings

Check-in times

Can now allow any Check-in window and Check-out time to be specified in Bookster.

Select Check-in to be between 00:00 and 00:00 to be marked as 24h check-in when property details are synced across to via the Channel Manager.

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Performance Boost: Speed up the process of creating a booking in Bookster
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