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  • SUPERHOG and Bookster, the online holiday booking system partnership - Bookster, the online holiday booking system has partnered with SUPERHOG, protecting holiday rental managers up to £1 million.

    SUPERHOG and Bookster

    Now live! Bookster has teamed up with SUPERHOG, the leading global digital trust platform to provide biometric recognition, ID verification, screening technology, and up to £1 million protection.

  • Booking Insights by Bookster - Get an in-depth perspective of your bookings and customer data in a glance

    Introducing Booking Insights from Bookster

    Insights provides a management overview of your bookings including sources, the length of stay and how far in advance reservations are made. Compare and contrast your properties to pick out poor performers and take action!

  • vacation-rental-search-google

    Google's Vacation Rental Search

    Google has an interface which is accessed when searching specifically for holiday rentals. It allows for some limited availability searching and filtering.

  • Graph and pen (© Photo by Lukas from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/analytics-blur-close-up-commerce-590020/)

    2017 bookings overview

    Here are some statistics relating to holiday rentals bookings within Bookster. Use these figures to benchmark your business.

  • analytics on a laptop

    Why conversion rate matters

    What is conversion rate? Imagine a shop…

    On a nice sunny Saturday, 100 people come into the shop throughout the day. As you would expect, not everyone buys something. But 5 people do. The shop’s conversion rate would be 5%, because 5 out of 100 people bought something.

  • cluttered-pile-of-books

    Conversion matters: cut the clutter

    Most vacation rental websites have a number of goals and objectives. It's common for things like 'showcase my products and services', 'provide expert local info for prospective guests', 'communicate my brand's ethos' to be main focuses of your site's content - all well and good.

    However, the number one objective that we often use to measure the efficacy of a website is how many bookings come through.

  • Bookster the best PMS partner of Booking.com - Benefit from the Bookster PMS partnership with Booking.com

    Booking.com and Bookster

    You can now use the Bookster to sync Pricing, Availability and Bookings to Booking.com

  • searchingforholidayrentals-2

    Advertising a vacation rental

    Holiday lets are big business these days. Their popularity amongst savvy travellers means there is greater demand than ever before.

  • Reading emails on the go

    Email marketing - too powerful to ignore

    Emailing prospective guests presents a massive opportunity. Not doing it? You should be.

    If it is not providing great returns, you make some changes and improvements, because the stats don’t lie when it comes to email marketing.

  • Door lock

    Property access codes

    With more and more properties using security codes rather than key sets for access - Bookster helps you communicate the access codes to your guests.

  • Woman booking a holiday online

    The Bookster booking experience

    When a guest books a vacation rental on Bookster, what steps do they go through?

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