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Updates, changes and new features in Bookster

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    November 2019 release notes

    This month we have been focusing on getting our new look and feel for Bookster polished up. We hope you love it as much as we do!

    We have also added the ability to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe.

    Connected to via the Bookster Channel Manager? View and respond to your reviews from within Bookster!

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    October 2019 release notes

    A long-standing feature request is included in this release - the ability to add one use only prices for specific dates that can be added in an 'ad-hoc' fashion.

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    September 2019 release notes

    We are directly integrating with a major new channel: TripAdvisor! Open up your properties to take bookings via the reviews behemoth and Bookster will sync up everything that matters related to prices and bookings

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    August 2019 release notes

    On September 14 2019, European regulation (PSD2) will mandate Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments. We are updating Bookster to allow our clients to meet the new standards as simply and easily as possible.

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    July 2019 release notes

    We continue to strengthen and deepen our integrations with and Rentals United.

    Our "Owner Statements" for automatically generating monthly PDF statements and invoices to your property owners is also being updated continuously in response to client feedback.

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    June 2019 release notes

    Place a 'Book Now' link on your own website to go to fully branded searching across all your vacation rental properties.

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    May 2019 release notes

    The May 2019 release sees a new email that is sent out automatically by Bookster to prompt the guest to view their booking in the Guest Area.

    The content syncing with gets improved so that it can be enabled from within the settings for all your properties.

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    April 2019 release notes

    The April release see us release (beta) the ability to reduce prices automatically for unsold properties. There are some updates to our integration with regards to the content API as well as numerous bug fixes and smaller updates.

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    March 2019 release notes

    We added the ability to download a spreadsheet of property data within the 'Insights' and implemented a major performance improvement by moving the Platform to PHP7.

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    February 2019 release notes

    The march towards getting Owner Statements out of Beta and available to all clients continued as we tested the feature with various clients.

    We also added the ability to finalise a Statement/Invoice and download in PDF format for distribution.

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