• PMS Developments 2020

    6 min read

    Discover what our software engineers have been working hard on throughout the year, building new services and enhancing existing features.

  • Don't just recover, plan growth

    6 min read

    Plan how your short term accommodation business will come out of COVID19 stronger and ready for future challenges.

  • VR event COVID19 clean

    4 min read

    Get up to speed with new Cleaning Guidelines to protect against Coronavirus spread.

  • COVID19 Cleaning buffer

  • Maintaining personal service

  • Information guests

    4 min read

    What information can you provide to guests to give them the confidence to book your holiday rental?

  • How to reduce cancellations

    Reasons for cancellations are different and it's important to deal with them differently too.

  • attract domestic tourists

    4 min read

    Domestic tourists offer many opportunities for your business, this is a great market to attract in shoulder seasons, like Spring and Autumn.

  • Bookster Support NHS Workers

    3 min read

    Bookster launched NHS worker accommodation, a free service for property manager to offer their properties to NHS workers during COVID19.

  • Holiday Rentals: COVID-19

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is having a significant impact on the holiday rentals industry. Here are some tips to mitigate the effect on you.

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