How it works:
Bookster and Feefo

Bookster is integrated with Feefo.

This means good things for both the quality of your reviews and your website SEO. However, it can be difficult to understand exactly how it works - and what to expect once you've set everything up.

How does it work?


Bookster logo            Feefo logo

Bookster informs Feefo when the guest has departed.


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Feefo sends a review request to the guest.


The guest writes and submits a review.


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Feefo informs Bookster that the review has been added and Bookster grabs the review from Feefo.


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Bookster shows the review on your Bookster website.

Feefo FAQs

Will all my bookings be submitted to Feefo to request a review?

No. Bookings through your website or manual bookings will be passed to Feefo and show up on your website. Bookings taken via 3rd party Channels will not.

Can I delete Feefo reviews?

Yes, you can delete reviews. Since Bookster pulls in review content from Feefo directly - you'll need to contact Feefo and request that they delete the review. The next time Bookster syncs review content with Feefo - the deleted review will no longer appear.

How can I get more Feefo reviews?

More bookings means more Feefo reviews! The more bookings you take - the more review requests will be sent to guests.

Can I still use Feefo if I don't have a website?

Yes, you can. However, the reviews will not be synced with your Bookster property content.

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