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ID Verification & Protection: SUPERHOG

Damage and liability protection with ID verification.

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An alternative to a Damage Deposit.

SUPERHOG is the leading global digital trust platform for the vacation rental industry.

  • Reduce bad guests: Tools and data to approve your guests before their booking starts.
  • Reduce damage: Working with SUPERHOG reduces guest damage by up to 30%.
  • Save money: A virtual damage deposit means no more collection and refund fees.
  • Protect your business: If a guest suffers an injury, SUPERHOG protect costs up to £5 million.
  • Protect your properties: If a guest damages the property, SUPERHOG will guarantee up to £5 million.

SUPERHOG enables a growing ecosystem of hosts, operators and guests to make their online activity safer, providing a tech-based, AI-supported toolkit including biometric recognition, ID verification, and screening technology.

SUPERHOG commitment to Property Managers

  • SUPERHOG will provide you with the tools and data that you need to approve your guests before their booking starts.
  • If a guest suffers an injury, SUPERHOG will protect you against costs that you are found liable for, up to £1m.
  • Whenever you have a SUPERHOG approved guest to stay they will guarantee that guest will not cause damage to your property. This guarantee will reinstate up to £5m worth of property damage (£100,000 for your contents) if needed.

Your commitment to SUPERHOG

  • Property Managers will maintain the property in a professional manner to ensure it is a safe place for guests to stay.
  • Property Managers must cooperate with SUPERHOG as needed to resolve any booking-related issues and let them know of any potential issues as soon as they happen, and always within 7 days of the end of the booking.
  • Property Managers will provide SUPERHOG feedback on sub-standard behaviour and properties so that they can exclude these guests from future bookings if appropriate.

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What does it do?

  • ID verification tool
  • Biometric tests
  • Protection for all bookings (damage and liability)
  • £1 million Property Damage guarantee
  • Virtual damage deposit
  • £1 million guest liability guarantee
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Additional cost?
From £3.50 per booking, which is added to your monthly subscription fee after the booking departure.
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
We help you set this up.
Will a guest also get charged a Damage Deposit by Bookster?
No, the Bookster damage deposit process is suppressed when you use SUPERHOG.

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