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Securely receive and return guest payments and damage deposits.

Choose from our highly trusted Payment Gateway Partners:

  • Opayo by Elavon (aka Sage Pay)
  • Worldpay
  • Stripe
  • PayPal

You can compare the Payment Providers features, to identify which would be best for your business.

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You can set this up yourself.

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Requires third party services.

Additional costs apply.

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What does it do?

Take card payments using a compatible payment gateway (Stripe, Opayo, PayPal or Worldpay)

  • Take payments by card
  • Use Stripe, Opayo, PayPal or Worldpay
  • Refund directly from within Bookster (excluding from PayPal)
  • Take card payments over the phone
  • Payment gateways pay directly into your account
  • Take payments by Apple Pay (Stripe only)
  • Take payments by Google Pay (Stripe only)


Additional cost?
Usually charged based on a % of payments processed
Does it require a 3rd party service?
How do I get it?
Log into Bookster, then look for "More - Taking payments".
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How do I set up Stripe?
Look for "more -> taking payments" when you log into Bookster
Are payment gateways fully functional on Bookster Free?
You can fully set up the gateway on Bookster Free and take payments manually but you will need to upgrade in order for guests to use it via the booking screens and channels
How do I refund a booking transaction from Bookster?
For compatible gateways (all except PayPal) you will see a 'refund' link next to the payment on the booking details tab
What if I refund directly in my payment processor rather than from in Bookster?
You should refund directly from Bookster and it will link to the correct transaction in the payment processor automatically. If you have made a refund outside of Bookster you will need to mark it as refunded in Bookster.

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